Create your own ASMR videos with dedicated Youtube Intro and Outro Templates

Youtube is considered to be the second leading search engine on the internet, with more than 500 hours of videos uploaded each minute. With this bulky invasion of all kinds of videos regardless of their categories, Youtube is undeniably a videos’ storeroom with billions of active users constantly sharing visual video contents and sound-oriented ones.

The reason behind this considerable influx of videos on Youtube is simply because social media platforms have revealed themselves to be an efficient way to communicate to a larger audience.

While some resonances can be stressful, since recent years a new social trend has been identified and this phenomenon is spreading more among Youtubers. This concept is ASMR “Autonomous sensory meridian response”, using unlikeable sound or music into a relaxing one, helping listeners to lessen their daily anxiety.

Are you thinking of launching an ASMR Youtube channel? Do you already have a Youtube channel and you wish to fine-tune it, boosting up your Youtube viewership? This sounds easy but Youtube has millions of videos, you need to find a powerful strategy to make yours one of a kind. A video that will have so much impact that watchers will subscribe to your Youtube channel and your followers will be impatient to consume your latest sound video.

You must create an intro as well as an outro template on your video content. But how to make your intro and outro stand out on Youtube? The secret is the Mojo app. Our design editing tool is what you need to conquer the Youtube community. This top software is free to download. Be part of the Mojo’s family. We have two versions of this editing design kit. The free one has professional and awesome crafted editable templates, but if you wish to have more incredible templates, then feel free to sign up to our Pro version.

What are ASMR videos on Youtube channels ?

ASMR Youtube videos use common soft sounds like whispering or rustling leaves and sometimes repulsive ones like crinkling paper, to give Youtube listeners a moment of peace of mind. Between the Youtube community consuming more of this particular sound video and all kinds of influencers aspiring to be good in this field, you badly need to make a difference throughout your video content. This value can be added throughout your Youtube intro and outro video templates.

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Importance of intro on your ASMR Youtube channel videos templates

The best step to upgrade your Youtube channel is to create an intro on your video content. As the term suggests, an intro represents the first 5-10 seconds of your video templates. This visual orientation generally includes your logo, your Youtube channel identity and a brief summary of your video content. To create an everlasting influence on your Youtube audience, a soothing music can be added on your intro. This is one of the most important parts of your video content since it can produce a strong engaging base if the editing process has been done wisely.

Create your intro and outro templates with Mojo editing tool

Let your ASMR template reach another level with Mojo editing templates.

  • Our app is free to download. Use the free version or join the Mojo Pro community for more enhanced templates.
  • Select a template style that will underline your ASMR intro and outro video contents.
  • Pick an image from our image gallery or upload your own photos or videos for a more original visual.
  • Let your creative imagination run wild with our intuitive editing features like zooming, cropping, changing the template’s format, color personalization, use our numerous text and font styles, add description box, GIFs and animated cartoon stickers.
  • Use our pre-set filters to create a peaceful illustration.
  • Choose a soft tune from our free preselected music list.
  • Upload your personalized templates to your Youtube channel.

Create Youtube ASMR intro template without visual illustration

Create a high-end intro video template to amaze your Youtube viewers and make your channel unforgettable. If you wish to have only your logo on your Youtube intro video template, it is a thoughtful choice to mark your social presence on Youtube.

Firstly, with our colorful palette or with our color wheel chart, choose your background color. For example, since your video will be dedicated to people wishing a moment of pure bliss, you can use a soft tone such as a light blue.Your intro color template will make them think about the calmness of the sea or the sky.

Either you choose our ready-made logo templates or you create one by using our editing tool. We have unique text and font styles which will make your logo a unique masterpiece. Remember your logo is your Youtube signature and if you create one, instead of imitating an existing logo, we do not doubt your success. The Youtube community likes novelty and freshness. Craft your intro template logo with harmonious colors.

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Create Youtube ASMR intro template with visual illustration

If you prefer your Youtube intro to throw a specific video illustration, Mojo has an useful array of special filters. Create and add fainting sparkle light, add animated hearts and butterflies to create an angelic atmosphere.

Mojo has carefully selected soft soundtracks like, calm and soft emotional sound. Yet, you can create your own. You can record the falling rain sound or you can whisper your logo’s name in a graceful voice to create an enchanting atmosphere.

Create your Youtube ASMR outro template

An outro template can turn the situation in your favour. Add a caption box with the right words like “Did the sound make your travel” , thus inviting online conversation, add your subscription link to entice people to adhere to your Youtube channel, and add a playlist or videos to generate web traffic.

What equipment do you need to make ASMR videos?

Indispensable equipment for ASMR videos are a microphone, a mic stand, a camera and a pop filter. Place a ring light on your camera for more luminosity.

How do you make an intro on YouTube attractive?

Use harmonious and soft colors while editing your intro template, design your logo in a unique way and add elements which will create an enchanting mood.