Create unique Youtube Intro Templates for Tutorials on smartphone

With more than 1 billion hours of videos being created, posted, shared and consumed all over the seven continents, Youtube is the best social media strategy which will take your professional or recreational activities to the highest heights. Among the various types of videos on Youtube, there is one that is powerful to business owners or to people seeking to be top-listed on Youtube.

This video-style is the tutorial video content. As per the statistics, 30 % of Youtube active users look for tutorial videos to know how to use a particular product/service or how to create amazing items from scratch.

Youtube users are consuming and are requesting more tutorial videos. Nowadays, people prefer watching a video to have both the explanation and the demonstration of how to assemble a furniture for example or how to create beautifully handmade art crafts, than reading instructions or books.

Are you new to this tutorial video trend? Are you aspiring to improve your Youtube channel tutorial videos to attract more subscribers? Well, to stand out of the crowd, you need to introduce yourself and your channel on your posted videos. This phase is called a Youtube intro, crucial since it creates a sense of engagement from the beginning of your video display and holds Youtube watchers till the video ends.

Looking for ideas to create an engaging Youtube video intro template. No need to! Mojo is the best editing tool app compatible with smartphones, providing an amazing collection of fully customizable templates. As good news never comes single-handed, Mojo is free to download. The app has two versions, a free one and a pro version with advanced intros templates.

What do Youtubers use for intro?

Your Youtube intro in fact creates an engaging ground, catching your audience and curious watchers' interest from the beginning of your video and will retain their attention, increasing your watching time. The video intro template should not be neglected, simply because in this Youtube competitive world, you need to build a name and your intro will be of great help.

Moreover, your video intro templates are the trademark lines, helping your loyal subscribers to recognize your tutorial videos easily among the flux of videos on Youtube.

For example, your online signature on your Youtube video intro template can be:

"Hello people, welcome back to my stunning Do-It-yourself channel", expressed in a smiling and pleasing voice tone.

Or, you can create a Youtube intro template with images and videos.

Designing your own intro template will add value to your video contents and your audience will feel more connected to you. While creating your intro, you need to consider the key elements below :

  • Your brand logo.
  • Your Youtube channel's name.
  • A clear summary of the topic you will be covering.
  • Add suitable music on your video intro template.
  • Your intro should not last more than 10 seconds

Aspiring now to be an exceptional intro template maker? With Mojo, your templates will be simply perfect and stylish.

Youtube video intro

Download Mojo app on your Smartphone and create high quality Youtube video intro template

Let your intros templates shine on Youtube with Mojo's unique editing options and features.

  • Mojo graphic design tool is free to download. The free version offers an array of unique intro templates. Yet, if you wish to have more advanced intro templates with rocking effects, sign up to Mojo pro.
  • Choose the template style which will highlight your brand logo activities. Our rich collection has Glitch intro templates, Typography templates, Marketing templates and more.
  • Pick up a consistent image/video from our gallery or upload yours.
  • For your intro template to be unique, use our panel of filters, text and font styles, colors as well as our funny and cartoon animated stickers.
  • Customize your template with an appealing soundtrack, either from our free musical list or upload yours.
  • Once your intro template is edited, either download it on your phone before uploading it to your channel or upload it directly.

Be an incredible masterpiece maker with Mojo.

How do you make a cool YouTube intro?

While designing and personalizing your video intro template, make sure that your visual is in line with your targeted Youtube audience. With Mojo's exceptional bunch of filters and amazing editing options, your Youtube intro will be more pretty cool than ever.

Create an original logo for your Youtube intro template

Instead of imitating an existing logo, why not create one ? A visual reference that will reflect your personality, your ideas and your targeted audience on Youtube.

Your logo is your visual signature, make sure it is consistent with your video contents and your activities. You can pick up our ready-to-use logo templates, but with Mojo's editing features, pick one template and customize it by adding a unique creative touch.

Are you engaged in girly DIY tutorial videos? ? Then, among our numerous logo and text styles at your fingertips like sliding logo, bold logo or calligraphy logo lettering, choose the one suiting your activities.

Adjust your logo's visual by using the appropriate font styles and colors, either from our palette or create a hue with our color chart wheel.

To make your logo pop out on your intro template, think about selecting a matching background color.

For example, for a DIY tutorial Youtube channel targeting women wishing to sew clothes, why not a logo in bold lettering with a white font color, outlined by a peach color background.

Customize your video intro template with GIFs and animation

Mojo provides unique GIFs and funny animated cartoon stickers to make your intro a number one on Youtube. Use them!

For kids tutorial videos, why not adding glitching GIFs or funny animated characters like Mickey Mouse? These illustrations will hold kids' attention.

kids tutorial videos
funny animated characters
creative touch
Mojo's exceptional bunch
Exemple of story templates

Add sound effects on your intro template

Design a unique video intro template with an audio cue. If your Youtube tutorial videos are about health and fitness, choose a cinematic soundtrack to put your audience in the right mood.

If your tutorial videos are about make-up, use electropop or acoustic tunes. These sounds will showcase your intro templates.