Create the most attractive Top Lists Videos with Mojo's Youtube Intro and Outro Templates

With its 2.3 billion active users and with more than 1 billion hours of videos being consumed worldwide, Youtube is incontestably the best social media platform to promote your activities, be it professional or recreational ones. Famous business brands and well-known online influencers have implemented this cost-effective digital marketing tool in their strategies to boost up their outputs. Why not you?

Being a popular social media, Youtube is an efficient means to reach up people from all age groups and from all social backgrounds. With well-designed and impactful videos, anyone can successfully expand his market base or become a shining star overnight.

Are you about to launch your first Youtube channel, wishing to hit big with your videos? Have you already created a Youtube channel but still, you have difficulties to have views on your posted videos and you find it hard to retain Youtube audience? Don’t give up!

You want to be a killer video maker? All you need is to craft intro and outro templates for your video content? Asking yourself where and how to acquire incredible intro and outro templates to complete your Youtube videos? Don’t go far! Simply download Mojo, the best app ever to access unique and beautifully crafted templates. Mojo is free to download and provides an array of high-definition predesigned and animated templates, exploring various themes. You can either use templates from Mojo’s free version, or if you want more killer templates to make it rock on Youtube, feel free to join the Mojo’s community with our Pro version.

Reasons to create intros and outros templates on Youtube videos

You could have crafted and uploaded the most visually mesmerizing contents on your Youtube channel, but if the first few seconds do not convey the desired message, it will not be an easy task to rack up views. Consequently, despite your efforts, your channel’s audience will not be sizable.

These first seconds of your video refer to a Youtube intro. With this visual introduction if designed wisely, you can be among the best Youtube influencers. Normally, intro templates must have the information below:

  • Your logo for your audience to recognize your videos.
  • The title of your Youtube channel.
  • A quick summary of the topic you intend to cover.
  • For a more rocking effect, add relevant music to your intro.

In addition to a Youtube intro template, another aspect needs your attention to be on the top list of videos, it is your Youtube video outro template. You should not undervalue the concluding part of your video. It is an efficient means to enhance watch time on your Youtube channel. An attention-grabbing outro template can have domino effects.

Amazing outro templates include elements below:

  • Your channel subscription link.
  • Your Youtube channel's name along with the names of your other social media platforms.
  • Insert 2 or more videos or a playlist to drive more traffic to your Youtube channel.
  • A caption box to create and maintain online interaction with your Youtube audience.

Throwing an impressive intro template and an outstanding video outro template, your Youtube channel will be on the top list for sure.

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How to use Mojo to create impactful intros and outros templates for Youtube videos

With Mojo's unique ready-made online templates collection, you will be best equipped to create your video intro and outro template. Let’s have fun, download our app and get your creative juices flowing. Be an awesome video templates maker, either with our free version or the Pro one.

Select your Youtube intro and outro template

Select a stylish template that will showcase your video’s intro or outro.

  • Open Mojo design kit.
  • We have numerous categorized templates like Mirror templates, Fashion templates, Replay templates and more. Tap on the preferred style.
  • You can use our HD image or upload yours.
  • Use our special filters and editing features to produce high-impact intro and outro templates.
  • Mojo allows you to upload your tailored templates straight to your Youtube channel.

Create a killer logo for your Youtube intro template

To be top-listed on Youtube, it is a must to have a unique visual signature. In other words, your logo is your digital identity and you need to have one which is incomparable. Either adopt one of our pre-designed logo templates or edit one by adding your personal touch.

Craft your channel logo by using our various text styles, calligraphy lettering, blinking lettering, funky styles, bold ones and more. Use the proper font styles and colors which are consistent with your logo and activities.

Remember, an impressive intro template is in itself an excellent communication mechanism, engaging viewers to consume your whole video content.

Personalize your intro and outro template’s background color

Colors are powerful components and can generate hypnotizing effects. We have primary colors but also a color wheel chart for you to create your own shade.

If your channel is dedicated to young girls, then use girly colors like pink pastel or flashy ones. Why not an intro template with a rainbow cover color?

Assorted colors will pop up your visual reference and your videos will be more attention-grabbing. While selecting your intro and outro template's color, stick to your brand’s hue to maintain consistency.

Add and schedule a musical sound on your Youtube intro and outro templates

Customize your intros and outros templates with harmonizing sounds. If your channel is more about video gaming, use our funky or our rock soundtracks, enhancing your templates display.

Customize your outro template with a content box

Use our text editor to personalize your caption box. Use our different text and font styles, adjust font’s colors, insert our funny animated cartoon stickers and GIFs to make your video a memorable one.

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musical sound
channel logo
Exemple of story templates

How do you make a Top List YouTube video?

To create top listed videos on Youtube, firstly add engaging intros and convincing outros templates on your videos. Add Youtube thumbnails and your description links.

What should you write in YouTube intro templates?

Insert your logo on your Youtube intro template and write a brief description of your video content. All no more than 10 seconds.