Create professionnal Make-up videos with Beauty Youtube Intro Templates

With over 31 million channels, Youtube is undoubtedly a leading social media platform all over the world. A conducted survey reveals that 500 hours of videos are being uploaded on Youtube each minute on a worldwide scale and online users watch over 1 billion hours of posted videos, regardless of the category. Considering these statistics, we cannot underrate Youtube’s role in our actual business activity and productivity.

The beauty industry is no exception to the rule ever since Youtube has proved to be the best social media to display beauty related-content video, and you know what? A large majority of Youtube active users are also fond of beauty and fashion-related videos.

Have you ever thought of using Youtube as a marketing tool for your business expansion? If not, it is high time to include this digital marketing method in your sales strategies. If yes, but still, it is challenging to be a top dog on Youtube with the influx of videos, beauty influencers and beauty vloggers. There is a little secret for more social visibility.

Well, have you ever thought of adding a Youtube intro template on your video? A Youtube intro? It is the first time you come across this expression? Asking yourself how to add a beauty intro template on your video?

Join the Mojo community to take your Youtube beauty intro video to the next level. Download our app to access our number one templates. Your beauty intro content will be more appealing and stylish than ever, and your Youtube community will constantly rush up to consume your beauty videos.

What is a Youtube video intro template?

A video intro template refers to the introduction phase of your beauty video on your Youtube channel. The duration is from 5 to 10 seconds and emphasis is made on your beauty business logo, along with a brief explanation of your beauty video content. A musical track on your intro is an enhancing factor.

Youtube intro

Is it worthy to add Beauty Youtube intro templates?

The answer is YES. Your Youtube intro is in fact your visual signature of your beauty business brand. This trademark line will help your followers to identify your beauty videos on Youtube channel.

For example, your visual signature on Youtube intro can be:

Hello beautiful souls, it’s Kitty, welcome back to my amazing Youtube beauty channel”, expressed in a charismatic voice tone.

Creating your own beauty intro style will add value to your Youtube videos and will create a strong relationship bond between your business and your audience, who will feel connected to you.

We will guide you to create a unique and a perfect visual signature to make your beauty business channel stand out on this competitive social media platform.

Download Mojo and design your Youtube Beauty intro template

Let your business activity go extra miles with Mojo templates. All our beauty templates are fully customizable in order to add value to your video's content.

  • Mojo app is free to download.
  • Once download is done, sign up to Mojo Pro version to unlock hundreds of new features and to access awesome crafted beauty templates. (The monthly subscription price is 9,99$ while the price for an annual subscription is 39,99$). If you wish to have an insight of our unique templates, then use our free three-day trial.
  • Select a beauty template from our awesome templates collection.
  • Click on the preferred beauty template reflecting your business brand activity.
  • Whether you choose an image from our library image “Photos stock” or upload your own beauty photos or videos by tapping on the “Plus” button.
  • Let your artistic imagination run wild with our intuitive editing interface and features like zooming, cropping, recalibrating your template’s dimension, background colour personalization, playing with our abundant text styles and colours, font colours and styles. You can also add a content caption on your beauty intro template.
  • Use our special bunch of filters, GIFs, animated cartoon stickers to make your YouTube intro a unique one.
  • >Choose a musical track from our free preselected music list. Play with both the time of the musical display and the musical tempo.
  • Upload your customized videos directly to your Youtube channel.

Great! You have amazingly designed a unique art masterpiece.

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Youtube, the upward beauty trend on social media?

With millions of active users, Youtube is ideal to maintain ongoing communication with your beauty products and services followers.

Make-up artists and professionals, let your Youtube Beauty intro templates sparkle

Be it a beauty intro with only your business logo and Youtube channel name or a sequence of photos or videos, your intro is your digital signature. As the saying goes, an illustration sometimes worth more than a thousand words if designed properly.

Youtube Beauty intro without image and video

If you do not intend to put a picture or video on your YouTube beauty intro but only your business logo to mark your social presence, it is also a good choice.

Make sure that your business brand logo is crafted to mirror-like your beauty products and services. Indeed, Youtube is overwhelmed with hundreds of beauty bloggers and influencers, all seeking to make their way in this field. But as you know, each beauty professional has a unique personality and style. Customize your logo and your Youtube channel title with our amazing features, text designs and font styles.

Youtube Beauty intro with image and video

If you choose to put a particular image or video in your intro, then make use of our bunch of special filters, add sparkling effects, use harmonious colour background or animated cartoon stickers to create an impactful visual reference.

In both cases, your intro content must be consistent with your beauty services.

How to make a beauty intro for your YouTube video?

With Mojo’s outstanding beauty intro templates and editing features, your beauty video content will be stunningly highlighted. Follow the trend, download our app.

What are some good intros for YouTube beauty video?

Good Youtube intros are those no longer than 10 seconds, having a clear and personalized business logo and a short description of the video content.