How to add videos to tiktok ?

Once TikTok is downloaded on your phone and you are logged in, you can upload a video from your phone photo gallery to the app. TikTok already offers a wide variety of filters and effects that can be used directly on your video, these effects will give it a unique look. In 2021, the free TikTok app is the best choice for many people to make successful quick videos. In this short informative article, you will learn how to upload videos by going to your gallery.

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How to put a video from the gallery on TikTok

First you have to tap the + button, but before you can upload a video from your gallery, you also have to tap the Upload button. Of course, it is possible to select several photos and videos to upload and not just one item. Once you have chosen the video that suits you best, you can go on to edit it, adding effects, filters, music and much more. When the editing phase is over, focus on the description of your video and publish it. Remember that the video can be private or public. 

Let's move on to a more detailed guide on how to upload your gallery videos to TikTok. We will see 3 steps to do so.

Before uploading a video or making one on TikTok, you need to know how to do it and you can find out by visiting this link : how to make a tiktok video

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Step one : The buttons you will use : + and upload

First of all, you have to open the TikTok app -> tap the + button located on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

You have to download the videos from your gallery to the TikTok app on your mobile phone, as it is not possible to do this on a computer! When you tap the + icon, you can launch a video directly on TikTok or download it from your photo folder.

Secondly, the upload button will be used to download the chosen video.

Once you have pressed the + button your camera will be allowed to record. On the camera there are multiple options such as filters, direction change icon and many more. The most important icon to consider is the effects button, when you click on it a list of effects that are unique will open. These effects can be used when you record your video and afterwards. If your video is successful, many people will start to follow you and ask you how you create your TikToks with which effects and filters. Don't hesitate to help others.

Step two : Choose your video and put it on TikTok

Simply choose all the videos in your gallery that you want to post and upload them.

When you click on the upload button, the gallery opens automatically. To choose the videos you want to make your TikTok, just go to the video directory of your smartphone. Once in the directory, tap on the videos. You can mix photos with videos. Once you have made your selection, a small "next" button will appear, click on it to go to the next step. With the red rectangle, you can cut the video in several parts and keep the ones you want. Then it's time for you to add music, text, and other things necessary to make your video look good. Of course, the song and other effects you add during editing must be related to your content, otherwise it will not be native.

Finish this step by clicking on next, before clicking on next it's important to read our article on how long a TikTok lasts : how long is a tiktok video

Step three : Post your video with a detailed caption

Hashtags are essential so don't forget them in your description!

Adding a caption is something essential for referencing your TikTok correctly. To write a caption that fits your video, you need to tap on the "describe your video" box. The number of people your TikTok will reach will also depend on the number of hashtags you put in. Make a few edits if you feel you need to before posting the video and then press post. Now you know how to add videos to a TikTok. However, a video filmed with your mobile phone without having been filmed directly on TikTok will always be of lower quality.

Choose your video
buttons you will use
Post your video
video uploaded
Exemple of story templates

Does the quality of the video uploaded from the gallery remain the same ?

A video uploaded directly from your photo gallery will never have the same quality or performance as a video from TikTok. If your video is not native, its quality will be lower than a native video! To avoid your video being seen by no one, edit it with a popular theme that attracts many people. To be present on the page "for you" is a long and tedious job and a real fight against other TikTokers but you can do it!

To conclude about adding videos on TikTok

Remember that your video uploaded to TikTok should look as natural and intuitive as possible. Because of copyright laws, it is impossible to upload a video that does not belong to you on your TikTok account. You have to modify it beforehand and not only change the brightness! Or just take some small moments of the video from YouTube or another platform. If your video matches the trending videos and is intuitive and native, it will have a chance to appear in the "For You" section. Be careful not to make the mistake of publishing videos that are copyrighted, or you may get into some troubles.

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