3 Ways to Use Instagram As A Digital Marketing Tool Effectively

One of the top three social media platforms in 2020, Instagram at 1 billion users, is clearly an undeniably attractive digital marketing platform.
Here are some interesting points to note about Instagram as a marketing channel:
Instagram’s userbase is predominantly younger than 34 years old – much younger than Facebook but older than TikTok users. Useful to note if you are a brand targeting the millennials.
Instagram users are highly active on social media – 6 in 10 of them log in to the platform and spend almost up to an hour daily. This is only second to Facebook.
Now, the question left is how to leverage this powerhouse of a social media platform as a digital marketing tool effectively?

Consistency is Key

Your Instagram profile is a representation of your brand – think of it as a mini-website – with your Instagram feed, stories, and highlights being the content on the site. As such, all the content on your feed and profile together needs to be communicating a cohesive brand story and message.
One way to do so is to plan your content – so you can ensure each post, story or highlight is communicating the right message in the right sequence.
Also, adhering to brand guidelines when it comes to colors, typography, and tone, etc., is essential as per any other marketing channel.

Leverage Hashtags to Improve Awareness

Hashtags are key in Instagram to help boost awareness – hence you need to leverage on them suitably to be most effective on this platform. Here are some ways to do so:
Use hashtags in both your posts and stories
Focus on relevant hashtags – so that people who come across your content will be interested
Popular consensus is to use minimally 11 hashtags per post – but it differs from industry to industry, so some trial and error is required
Check out your competitors and see what hashtags they are using
Check out your followers and see what hashtags they are using
Create a branded hashtag (and encourage your followers to use it) so that you can easily track user-generated content going forward.

Advertise to A Highly Targeted & Engaged Audience

Instagram ads tend to be a lot less intrusive (like ads on Facebook and YouTube) and hence give an overall better experience with your brand.
There are a whole variety of ad formats to choose from – from Stories to Carousel ads – each with its own goals. Whether you simply want to increase brand awareness or drive sales, there is the perfect ad format for that.
However, do note that while Instagram is great at placing your ad in front of a captive and targeted audience, you also need to do your part in creating attention-grabbing and interesting ads to get them to engage!
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