How to Create Instagram Story Ads with the Mojo App

1. Download the Mojo app here for Android and here for iPhone. No account required – you can start using the app for your video projects straightaway.
2. Find the ideal story ad in the ‘Template’ section of the Mojo app, based on your needs.
3. Use the Ad Manager to upload your ad onto Instagram. Select the audience type and the appropriate ad spend.
4. Congratulations! Your story ad is now active and attracting potential customers from your target audience.

Getting Started

What exactly are Instagram stories?

Back in 2016, Instagram added a new feature wherein you can post content that expires after 24 hours.
The popularity of Instagram stories has been growing exponentially ever since.
They adopted this feature after it was initially popularized by Snapchat, their competitor, where you post topical perishable content that disappears from the newsfeed in a day.
This feature has particularly served businesses and influences very well due to its due to zestful, casual style which is in contrast to conventional Instagram posts that happen to be polished and more serious.

What is an Instagram Story Ad?

After observing the popularity of the Instagram stories format, Instagram introduced story ads as a fresh feature back in 2017. At present, these are divided into three categories – video, image and carousel. With the Mojo app, you can make all three!
These ads appear unexpectedly between regular user stories and have the option of swiping up to see more, which greatly benefits businesses looking to attract customers.

Does Investing in Instagram Stories Help?

Since it was first introduced, the Instagram stories have experienced a huge boom.
Around 500 million users check in every day to view stories, with advertisers benefitting hugely from the novelty of this medium.
Story ads, unlike stories, can be rerun and don’t expire.
While scrolling through an Instagram feed, the user is used to seeing traditional ads interspersed between posts.
However, stories offer marketers to be more casual and use shorter catchy content that is consistent with regular stories.

The Basics

It is essential to understand how Instagram story works and to make sure they’re effective. The first few seconds are critical so the starting part of story ads should be perfect.

Well Begun is Half Done

The old adage holds true in the realm of Instagram story ads. The UI of Instagram stories is such that the user is required to hold down their thumb if they wish to focus on a particular story, making it very easy for them to move on in an Instant. But don’t worry – Mojo’s library of templates and features will make sure that your video is optimized to grab the attention of the viewer instantly.

Save Time by Using Templates

The good thing about Instagram story ads is that they don’t need to be too sophisticated, given their casual nature. Be careful not to overthink, explore the various features on the Mojo app to understand what clicks.

Customize the Instagram Story Ad to Cater to your Audience

You’ll know what is best and most effective once you’ve experimented with the several templates available. Therefore, the best way to go about it is to use Mojo app’s huge array of resources to create a custom video from scratch with several animations, transitions and effects.

Pro Tips and Specs

Pro Tips and Specs

There are several methods to engage in direct audience participation on Instagram stories. Instagram introduced a ‘polls’ feature in 2019 that has been incredibly effective, organically as well as from an advertising perspective. Polls allow users to feel like they’re interacting with the story, and Instagram shows instant results as well making it a very user-friendly feature. Use Mojo’s templates where you can leave some space to add polls on the Instagram app.

Increase Recall by Branding Story Ads

Editing your video on the Mojo app allows you to add brand elements such as logos or brand colors. Additionally, Instagram story ads allow you to link your website in case the user wants to follow up on your product or service.

Get the Right Music or Sounds

Be sure to pick the right song to go with your Instagram video ad. Approximately 60% of all stories are watched with sound. Mojo helps in this as well with its giant library offering several input choices. Find the perfect mixture of video and sound to get make your ad attractive.

Instagram Specs for Story Ads –Ad Length

Instagram prohibits story videos from exceeding a length of 15 seconds. It may not seem like much, but it is an incredibly effective amount of time to make an impact. Back in the day, Vines were extremely successful and engaging despite being only 6 or 7 seconds long. Keep it short and effective, focusing on the main points you wish to get across.

Instagram Specs for Story Ads – Dimensions

Instagram stories are typically expected to be vertical. The option to use horizontal content still exists, but it’s not received as well due to being constricted in space and leaving a lot of negative area around the content. It also makes it more complicated to crop the image or video and can lead to compromises in quality. If you’re ready with your story ad, make sure it’s ideally at an aspect ratio of 9:16 or 1080px by 1920px for perfection.

Instagram Specs for Story Ads – File Size

You can either go with images under 30MB (JPG and PNG format) or video files under 4GB (MP4 format) for your story ads. Your page link will be at the bottom of the page, so make sure leave space for it. This is made easier by Mojo’s templates that automatically optimize the specs so that you can focus on enjoying the video project without worrying about the technical aspects.