How to Create Sponsored Stories on Instagram with the Mojo App

Simply get your Mojo app here for iPhone and here for Android. No need to fuss around with signups – get started on creating your sponsored stories straightaway.
Search for a suitable stories template from the hundreds of options in the Mojo app and tweak it to fit your brand and make it your own!
Once completed, head over to Instagram’s Ad Manager to set up your sponsored stories! Select your ad objective, placements (“Instagram Stories”), ad spend, etc., and confirm to publish your changes.
And there you have it! Your sponsored stories will run for as long as the campaign duration is set for!

Getting Started

Instagram stories were first introduced in 2016, to combat the popularity of Snapchat’s fleeting stories feature! The idea of self-destructing or temporary content on social media caught on and the popularity of Instagram stories have since skyrocketed – with more than 500 million daily active users for this feature alone!
Naturally, with such a large captive audience, Instagram Stories have also since evolved into a great platform for sponsored opportunities since 2017! Instagram stories ads also known as sponsored stories, essentially allow businesses and brands to insert their messaging into newsfeeds worldwide.

What is an Instagram Sponsored Story?

An Instagram sponsored story is simply an ad that is inserted into your regular stories feed between organic user stories from your friends. Unsuspecting right? The format is consistent with organic Instagram stories so that customers do not get the sense that they are being marketed to so overtly.
If it happens to capture the attention of your customer, they can easily swipe up to be brought to a landing page of your choice for more details.

The Basics

Want to create your own customized Instagram sponsored stories but not sure how to get started with the design and specs? Here are some basic guidelines to follow!

Break Through the Clutter

Instagram sponsored stories are skippable with a simple tap, like their organic counterparts. So how can you make sure your ad “pop” and make your target audience stop in their tracks?
Mojo’s library of hundreds of templates (included animated ones too!) and filter options can help you create the attention-grabbing design you need! All with a few simple clicks of a button – no design skills required at all!

Focus on The Message

With Mojo’s easily editable templates, you are covered on the aesthetic side of things.
With all that time saved, you should focus on what you want to communicate to the audience in the time that you have their attention! Use short catchy copy that captivates and intrigues them to swipe out and find out more.

Instagram Story Specs to Follow

Sponsored stories have guidelines that need to be adhered to:
Story videos should be under 15 seconds
Stories are predominantly vertical (9:16 aspect ratio) else horizontal content will be cropped with a lot of unused space
Static stories must be under 30MB and video files under 4GB.
Worried about making sure your content fits all that? Mojo’s templates help you to optimize the sizes and formats, so you do not have to worry about a thing!