How to Create Videos for Social Media

1. Download the Mojo app here for Android and here for iPhone. You don’t even need an account to begin.
2. In the ‘Template’ section, choose one from the several options available based on your video requirements.
3. Customize and edit your video using various elements – scenes, text, transitions, etc.
4. Export the video from the Mojo app and save it to your device. The video will also be saved in the ‘My Stories’ section so that it can be accessed easily by you.
5. Your video is now ready for upload to your social media feed. Get ready for the views!

Getting Started

The best way to skyrocket the growth of your brand is by video marketing on social media. In the modern environment, it’s imperative for a business to be active on social media. Regardless of what sector you’re in, Facebook experiences 1.4 million people logging in on a daily basis.
There’s a large market to take advantage of! The Mojo app allows for easy content creation that will be engaging and enjoyable for all types of audiences.

DIY (Do It Yourself!)

With the Mojo app on your phone, you no longer need a group of marketing experts to strategize your social media marketing goals. That’s why you have us. Mojo’s video creation is incredibly easy, and anyone can use it across all ages – on your phone or your tablet. You can now create videos at your own comfort, whether you’re relaxing on your couch at home or while you’re on your commute to work.
Mojo is an app that offers flexibility throughout. Create and export as many videos as you’d like for free. If you enjoy what you’re doing, upgrade comfortably to a Pro membership and remove the watermark while also enjoying exclusive features (such as new templates and text styles added every month).

Save Your Cash

It’s easy for the largest brands in the world to spend millions and millions on fancy social media advertising using professional production. Thanks to Mojo, you no longer have to blow your life savings to make create professional videos. Light your social media feed on fire with amazing content for your target audience.
Once you have the Mojo app on your phone, all you need is a few minutes and an access to internet and you’re ready to get started!

The Basics

Create social media videos quickly with Mojo. With one of the most user-friendly interfaces, you’re guaranteed a smooth experience while making videos on the Mojo app. We’re sure that whatever you end up making is going to look amazing! But with Mojo, you have the potential to convert your followers into your supporters.

Start with a Template

What video do you have in mind for your social media? Get started in a particular direction with the several options available in the Templates section of the Mojo app. These templates are designed by our team of marketing experts who know exactly what you need to captivate audiences and attract viewers.
What next? That’s entirely up to you! Add colors and music of your choice, add or delete scenes, incorporate your logo, and customize any little thing as per your needs. Nothing could be easier!

Make a Consistent Theme

Mojo has several features for you to create a common aesthetic or theme to suit the needs of your brand. Every element during the editing process can be customized to suit your brand. Don’t like the music? Add your own! Colors inconsistent with your style? Adapt them to the colors of your brand!
The flair you add by creating your own video makes it unique to your audience, making them realize straightaway that this is something created by you yourself. This allows for a direct association with your target demographic right from the very beginning.

Consider Different Styles

It is possible that your audience might get tired of the same type of content over and over. With Mojo, you can mix it up a bit by trying different styles suited to different themes with the aim of keeping your viewers engaged! For example, you could go for:
• ‘Did you know?’ videos
• Listicles
• Brand announcements
• National holidays
• Event videos
• …and many more!

We have an endless supply of templates on the Mojo app to cater to all the different styles. By having more videos with varied styles, you create opportunities to attract more and more customers organically.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

Like a diamond, you have the ability to polish your marketing videos for social media to absolute perfection. With the Mojo app, you’re virtually a marketing pro! You now have a smooth-running video, catered to your brand, perfectly trimmed to an appropriate length, designed creatively to ensure that people come back to your brand again and again. So, what’s next then?
It’s important to acknowledge all facets of what make a good social media video successful. Plus, like the Mojo app, it’s straightforward and easy to follow.

Target Your Audience

What is your main target demographic? Consider the viewers who are most engaged with your brand and accordingly try to create social media videos that will resonate with your audience. Would it be better to go for something strongly humorous? Or would it be beneficial to take a more serious tone? It is for you to evaluate and decide.

Experiment for the Best Results

The ideal social media marketing video won’t be created instantly, despite Mojo’s easy-to-use UI. It’s natural to work on a few videos and mess around a bit before you settle on what’s perfect for you.
Analyze the performance of your video. Are people engaged throughout, or do they stop watching after a certain point? Do people seem to like a specific scene, or conversely dislike something specific in the video? Is the length too long or too short? It’s important to keep experimenting and analyzing before you find the sweet spot. This is the best way for your business to have a successful social media video campaign.