5 Effective Ways to Market Your Restaurant on Instagram!

Are you a restaurant owner wondering whether Instagram is a legit marketing channel that you should consider? Here are some statistics that are sure to get you on the bandwagon:
Almost one-third of Instagram users share and view food-related content
Every month, food-related hashtags account for more than 250 million posts
Now doesn’t that sound like an essential social network you need to get your restaurant on ASAP

5 Methods to Grow Your Restaurant’s Presence on Instagram

Here are 5 simple methods to help you get your restaurant in front of the right Instagram users and attract them to you:
Focus on the Visuals: Visuals come first on Instagram. As such, when it comes to marketing your restaurant on Instagram, appealing visuals (a.k.a. #foodporn) are key to generate engagement with foodies. Photos that can showcase how delicious your food is, how aesthetic your restaurant interiors are or beautiful plating are hot favorites that get plenty of likes and follows.
Engage and Build a Relationship with Your Followers: Like any good business, it is essential to build a good relationship with your customers. Instagram allows you a direct way to reach out and interact with them – be it replying direct messages to the restaurant’s account, conducting a “Ask Me Anything” session on IG live, and more.
Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC): Having your customers spread photos of their restaurant experiences with you is a great organic way of increasing your presence on Instagram! Bonus: You can re-gram these contents as well! Now how can you do so?
Create Instagram-worthy spaces in your restaurant – this encourages selfie-taking and tagging of your restaurant
Develop interesting Instagram-able dishes that are visually appealing – this encourages food bloggers, foodies who chase such content to visit and spread the word about your restaurant
Organize Contests or Giveaways: These are effective in quickly increasing your following and visibility beyond your group of existing followers. Tip: Make sure you include the following in your contest guidelines:
Like the post
Follow your account
Tag 1-3 friends in their comments
Share Behind the Scenes Content: A great way to put human faces to the brand – makes your restaurant feel a lot more personable.

Useful Tips to Help You Get Started

Sounds overwhelming to get started? Not to worry, we have also some useful tips that can get you started without much effort:
Tips for Creating a Personal Aesthetic for Your Insta Feed [link to article]– learn how to create a consistent look and feel by just taking note of 3 things – color, typography & grid layout.
Use Schedulers: Create all your content at a go and schedule them to post regularly – that way you won’t forget!
Use Professionally Designed Templates – Unsure of how to create beautiful designs for Instagram? Rely on the pros! Mojo app is perfect for business owners looking to effortlessly create customizable content for their Insta Stories! Free to download and use! (iOS users and Android users.)