Instagram Stories Holiday Content (with Customizable Templates) To Kick Off the Festivities

The holiday season is upon us! If you are like any other content creator, you are also probably trying to come up with interesting festive Instagram stories content to share with your audience! Having problems coming up with something unique and interesting this year?
Not to worry! We have compiled some interesting ideas for holiday content as well as free customizable templates you can use to get the party started!

Interesting Instagram Stories Holiday Content Ideas to Try Out

Dress Up for The Festivities
Embrace the festivities by dressing up for the season! This is the perfect opportunity to showcase how fun your brand can be:
For retail outlets – showcase your employees (or your outlets) in their festive get-ups!
For corporate brands – showcase your behind-the-scenes holiday celebrations with the team (it is a great chance to put some faces to the brand!)
For individual content creators – let your personality shine with your festive getups – share tutorials of how you achieved that look so your followers can try it out for themselves

Create A Festive Photo Opportunity

People love taking photos all the time – and especially so during the holidays! Hence a festive photo opportunity would be perfect to get some user-generated content for your brand:
Instagram AR filter – Develop a fun branded filter that will help your customers look good on their InstaStories that they will share with their friends and community.
Instagram-able Backdrop – Create an Instagram-worthy festive backdrop at your brick and mortar shop and it could help get people coming in just for the ‘gram while helping to spread the word about your brand.
Festive Collection – Come up with a festive collection that looks great in pictures – it will make people want to share about it on Instagram. Think about the Starbucks Pumpkin spice latte.
Make sure you ask them to tag your brand or use your festive hashtag so you can share and re-gram their photos!

Have A 12- Day Christmas Countdown

Who doesn’t love a good fun countdown? This can be a great way to get your followers coming back for more content everyday – since they have something to look forward to! Some possible ideas to consider include:
Fashion brands – showcase a different outfit each day for holiday festivities (from cosying up at home by the fireplace to attending a Christmas ball).
Fitness brands – can spotlight simple daily exercises to help combat winter weight gain
Food brands – can share festive recipes that are easy to replicate at home
Want to hear an even better way to get your followers excited? How about a promotion for each of the 12 days of countdown? That is sure to get them coming back every day!

Need Holiday Templates to Create Your Festive Content With?

Well, Mojo App is the perfect solution to that! Check out the hundreds of customizable templates that are available on the app – the “GOLD” themed collection is especially suitable for festive content!
Simply download Mojo here for iOS users and here for Android users. No sign up required!