How to Easily Create Instagram Stories Using Mojo

1. Download the Mojo apphereforAndroid and here for iPhone. You can hop on straightaway without needing to create an account.
2. Add content immediately from your gallery or customize an existing template in the ‘Template’ section.
3. Once you’ve exported your video, share it on Instagram and make it creative by using Instagram elements such as hashtags, polls, GIFs and stickers.
4. Enjoy the engagement, get back to it and repeat the process!

Getting Started

What is an Instagram story and how does it work? Instagram has a feature at the top of the news feed for people to post images or videos that disappear within 24 hours of posting. These snippets are displayed as circles on the top of your Instagram feed. On watching someone’s story, the circle becomes transparent and you automatically move on to the next user. You have the option to save your best stories as highlights on the top of your profile, despite them expiring after 24 hours.

The Listicle Approach

For businesses, it is rare to post just one story. The stories format can be used to break down information into multiple, easily digestible images or videos. This can be done using Mojo’s several templates and features, helping your brand create the perfect story sequence to captivate your audience. Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm breaks down your video into 15-second parts making your editing process even easier.

Use Stories When You’re Short of Time

In case your promotions are for sales or events which are time sensitive, Instagram stories are the perfect medium due to their versatility. With Mojo, you can save on time and effort by effectively designing stories or story collections that don’t take over your brand timeline, by keeping them on Instagram stories.

The Basics

There is a reason why all major businesses are now actively engaging their audience via Instagram stories. Over the last few years, digestible video content has become insanely popular, especially among youngsters. Within no time, businesses have taken advantage of this trend and entered the realm of Instagram stories to market their brand effectively and efficiently.
500 million users log in and view Instagram stories every day. Out of the most viewed Instagram stories content, businesses constitute one-third of the content. Thanks to the Mojo app, you can cash in on this trend and start posting eye-catching stories on Instagram within a few minutes.

Engage Your Audience on Insta Stories

Instagram stories act as a medium for subtle advertising, understanding consumer preferences, and receiving messages for feedback and conversation. Once you’ve designed your story on the Mojo app, you can increase user engagement by adding polls, quizzes and questions on the Instagram stories platform.

Be More Personable

A unique element about Instagram stories is that they’re designed to disappear in 24 hours. This means that the content is meant to be more fun and engaging instead of conventional polished business ads. The expectations are lower, even for major businesses.
Therefore, use the medium of Instagram stories to show a more personable side of your business. Use Mojo to mess around with different styles of videos to find the perfect mix that works for your target audience.

Pro Tips and Specs

Pro Tips and Specs

It is vital to understand Instagram story specs and their importance. For starters, the most critical thing is to never ever make Instagram stories in a horizontal manner.
By default, users watch stories in a vertical manner. Instagram has the option to allow horizontal content in their stories, but in that case, the image or video gets squeezed in the center of the screen which makes for an uncomfortable user experience. With Mojo, you can use ready-made templates catered to Instagram stories or crop content to fit the appropriate specs.

The More You Post, The Better

At present, the Instagram algorithm works better for people who post as much content on a daily basis as possible. Stories which are watched the most are the ones that appear at the front of the queue for users.
It’s a simple formula – the more you post, the more views you’ll get, the higher you’ll be promoted. With the Mojo app in your arsenal, you’ll have countless templates and options to make sure your content never gets repetitive.

Take Advantage of Every Available Second

The Instagram algorithm does not allow a specific story to go more than 15 seconds. You must ensure that your story is engaging throughout so that the viewer isn’t quick to skip to the next best thing.
Luckily, you probably have the Mojo app already helping you with this. Mojo’s well-crafted templates are designed to make sure that your story has captivating elements to reign your audience in.