How to Use Instagram Stories to Help Your Salon Stand Out?

Interested in creating outstanding Instagram Stories to help your salon business stand out? Mojo app is the solution for that. To get started, simply download Mojo here for iOS users and here for Android users.
Open the app (no sign up required), pick a template that suits what you are trying to convey, and easily make custom edits from there.
Whether you are adding customer photos and testimonials or creating a menu of your salon services and more, you can easily make tweaks to professionally designed templates to achieve that polished look you want!
Once completed – simply click “Save” to save to phone or share instantly to Instagram!

Getting Started

Do you find the idea of creating content to help your salon stand out amongst the barrage of content created daily on the Instagram platform incredibly challenging?
Well, a good solution to that is the Mojo Insta-editor – an app created to specifically help create social stories that not only look professional but are eye-catching too!
Want to learn about how you can easily cut your work in half or more with the Mojo app?

The Basics

Here is how you can easily create eye-catching InstaStories with the help of Mojo:

Professionally Designed Templates (With Animated Options too!)

Whether you are looking to create aesthetically pleasing static content or stories with animations to catch the eye of your target audience, Mojo’s got it all!
The app comes with access to a whole range of intuitive templates across various themes that you can pick and choose from:
And many more

Preset Feature (To Save You Time!)

Want a consistent look and feel across the content you create for your Insta Stories? There is a special feature to allow you to save your design preferences so that you can easily use them for future content projects in the app!
From background colors, fonts, logos, and default formats, and more, you can easily make it a preset that you can cut short your formatting time the next time you create content on the app!