Actionable Tips to Help Grow Your Business on Instagram

Are you a business looking to grow your presence on Instagram in the hope of driving sales and traffic? Finding it difficult to get started or struggling to figure out the right formula to success? Well, you have found the right place!
In this article, we have consolidated 3 simple and quickly actionable tips that can help you grow your business on Instagram.
Ready to see some growth?

3 Content Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business on Instagram

Goal Setting: The first step to success is goal setting. Without a goal, how would you measure success? So, make sure you start by asking what do you plan to achieve with Instagram as a marketing channel – pick one or two and make sure that is the objective of all content that will be created going forward:
Increase awareness of your brand
Increase brand loyalty
Build up a brand community
And more…
Plan Your Content: Success does not come by chance. Behind every successful Instagram profile, is a planner (or sometimes a team of planners) who decide what kind of content will be created for the profile.
What type of content will be published? (From promotional visuals, behind the scenes videos, testimonial posts, etc…)
How often will the content be published? (This will affect how much resources – be it time or manpower –you will require to create the content)
A Consistent Brand Identity: Visuals are key on a platform like Instagram. As such it is key that the content that you create has a strong visual identity that allows your customers to associate your brand with your content.
Consistent colors, filters, editing styles, and typography help maintain a cohesive visual identity for content – be it on the feed or stories

Popular Content Ideas to Get Started

Want to get started with creating your content but have no clue where to begin? Here are some popular content types that do well on Instagram that you can consider:
Quotes – People love to read and share quotes that mean something to them!
Trending content – If successful, the virality of trending content can help you gain lots of exposure. Here are some examples.
Contests & giveaways – A quick way to get the awareness of your brand out there – but use it sparingly so it still has a novelty to it.
User-generated content – Repost posts or stories that your customers’ tag you in! It’s the best social proof.
Behind the scenes content – People are always curious about what goes on behind the scenes, so it is a good way to share lesser-known facts about your brand.

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