Top Tips for Effective Festive Marketing on Instagram: Bonus Festive Templates

This year, with everyone stuck at home during the holiday season unable to travel and gather, experts are predicting that spending power will be channeled to the one most resilient channel – online e-commerce! Experts from Deloitte are predicting a growth rate of at least 25 – 35% over the end-of-year holiday season!
This bodes well for brands looking to tap into that consumer wallet share for the upcoming festive splurge! That is if you have the right festive marketing strategies in place!
Read on to learn more.

5 Methods to Engage Your Audience During the Holiday Season on Instagram

We put together a few simple yet effective festive marketing tips you can use for your business in the upcoming weeks:
Holiday Themed Content: This is the most obvious! Start planning for a festive content calendar that has a consistent look & feel – and relates to the respective holiday!
Customer Appreciation Campaign: Many holidays are all about giving thanks and appreciation – a great theme to expand on for a festive marketing campaign! Tap on this “feel-good” theme to give back to your customers and make them feel appreciated From simple virtual-shout outs to your followers, sharing specific IG-only promo codes to conducting fun & informative IG live sessions and more – it is a great opportunity to engage and get closer to your most important customers.
Giving Back: Apart from giving thanks, a great way to engage with modern consumers is by giving back to a social cause. Whether you choose to help raise awareness for a social cause or donate a portion of holiday sales, it is a great way to share your business values with your followers.
Shoppable Instagram Posts: Make it easy for your customers to find relevant offerings from your brand to gift their friends and family.
“Under $30” gift guides on Instagram posts or Insta stories can be useful
Using product tags can be helpful to show pricing and more details on a particular gift
Showcase your products in festive packaging – it helps to show that it is suitable as a gift.
Showcase Your Limited-Time Holiday Collection: Limited-time only collections can inspire a great buzz on social media if it appeals to your target audience – note Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte. Tease and promote your holiday gift set, collection, or special offering for all that it is worth!

Bonus: Ready to Use, Customizable Festive Templates for Your Holiday Content

Don’t have existing festive templates you can use to create your new holiday content?
Not to fear – we have a series of ready to use, customizable festive templates you can use to kickstart your festive content creation!
Our secret? Mojo app’s professionally designed templates (free to download and use):
The “Gold” themed templates are perfect for festive greetings, showcasing your winter collection, and more.
The “Shop” themed templates are ideal for creating shoppable holiday gift guide content
Simply download Mojo here for iOS users and here for Android users. It is entirely fuss-free with no sign up required!