3 Simple Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Grow Your Audience

With more than a billion monthly active users on Instagram, not only is it one of the most popular social media networks globally but also a fantastic marketing channel! If you are looking to grow your personal or corporate brand and community, it is a platform you cannot miss out!
While it is true that Instagram is a great platform to grow a business or brand, it is only so if you know the tricks utilize the platform effectively!
In this article, we will be teaching you 3 simple ways to use Instagram’s most popular feature – Instagram Stories – to grow your audience!

#1: Increase Exposure & Drive Traffic with Location Stickers

Use location stickers / tags on your Instagram stories to get more local exposure for your content! By tagging the location of your stores or where your brand activities are taking place, it will help increase exposure to users in those areas.
Additionally, it can help interested users find their way to your offline store!
How To: Add Sticker > Location Sticker

#2: Strengthen Customer Relationship with Engaging Content

Growing an audience takes time and effort. On social media, that involves creating a consistent schedule of relevant and engaging content for your target audience. If you generate useful content that appeals to them, you will find yourself converting more users into loyal brand customers.
Here are some ideas of engaging content to create:
“Ask Me Anything” sessions: Let your customers ask you questions they have always wondered about your brand
Use the “Poll” feature: Use the poll feature to check your audience’s understanding of your brand, find out what they would like to see next, or learn about their interests
Tutorials / Guides: Know their pain points? Create visually appealing tutorials or guides to help answer their questions!
And more…

#3: Reach Out to A Larger Audience by Using Hashtags

Using Instagram hashtags correctly can help you reach out to a wider audience. How so?
The hashtag feature has been upgraded in recent years such that users can now choose to follow hashtags instead of individual users. This means that if a user follows a particular hashtag, your hashtagged post or story can appear in their feed or stories even if they do not follow you!
Utilizing hashtags with a complementary marketing campaign can also help generate lots of engagement from users and create plenty of useful user-generated content.
How To: Add text behind #

Start Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Audience Today!

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