Create Insta Stories with Square or Landscape Photos

Download Mojo app to get started!
Load the app and pick your ideal template from the various categories – from Minimal, Fashion, Photography, Paper, and many more themes to choose from.
Start making your custom edits – add your square or landscape photos to the selected frames, change up the background colors, add trendy fonts or funky music, and more...
Once you are satisfied – simply click “Save” to save to phone or share instantly to Instagram!

Getting Started

Since the introduction of Instagram stories’ new vertical format in 2016, users have been getting increasingly creative with the ways content is being presented on the platform. Compared to the traditional Instagram “square” post in the newsfeed, an Instagram Story offers users so much more “online real estate” to portray themselves or convey a story.

Tutorial: How to Add Square or Landscape Photos on The Instagram App

Noting that since many photos on our mobile apps come in square or landscape formats – and rarely portraits that are more suitable for the Insta story format, Instagram introduced an easy way to incorporate them in our stories.
Open your Stories
Swipe up to open your camera roll and select any photo (square, landscape, etc.) of your choice
It will appear in the Stories, and you can pinch the image to easily resize it to fit the vertical format – however, any excess parts will be cropped out and the background will be automatically updated to a similar color from the image
While that is very convenient indeed, it is not the most appealing for anyone particular about customizing the aesthetic look of their stories.
And that is where Insta Editors like Mojo come into play!

The Basics

Here’s how a simple and easy to use Insta Editor like Mojo can help you achieve the ideal aesthetic you want with square or landscape photos:

Professionally Designed Editable Templates

Want incredibly designed Insta Stories but do not want to go through the trouble of Photoshop? Mojo has plenty of beautifully designed templates across a wide variety of themes to suit any needs.
In this case, the “Minimal” theme is perfect for incorporating square and/or landscape photos without the gaudy backgrounds that come with the Instagram app. You get to format and customize your very own background color, fonts, music, and even add filters if required.