Stories Templates

Hundreds of animated templates for your stories

The Typography templates turn simple words into highly dynamic compositions.

The Digital templates are super versatile compositions. They work great will media of all kinds, in both stories and posts. They shine when combined one after another making a powerful visual sequence.

The Shop templates are perfect to showcase collections of items.

The Storytelling templates are great for mixing texts and media. It's perfect for turning your content into a highly visual and engaging narration.

The Cinema templates are designed to emphasize videos with sobriety in mind. Dark framing and subtle fading are the ingredients for that film vibe.

The Fashion templates are perfect to showcase a succession of photos or videos with elegance and subtle graphic touch.

The Minimal templates are made for aesthetic and straightforward presentations. These minimalist templates are great for an honest and clean presentation. This can be used for any story types. The minimalist style focuses on what the main points are. Stories don't always have to be wordy but can be used visually to engage the audience.

The Glitch templates are perfect if you want to change the atmosphere of a pic or a video. They are also fantastic to create a sense of discord or merely a cool off-beat effect. If you have not discovered the fun in using glitch templates for your stories yet, this category will give you a great collection to start playing with!

The Film View templates are perfect for entertaining the audience and impressing them with your stories' visual appeal by means of these fully responsive and customizable Film View templates.

The Photography templates: Are you looking for stylish and elegant templates to boost your stories? Use Photography template category and dazzle your audience with unique and simple photo layouts.

The News templates: We know that sharing important news with stunning content makes it more beautiful. The following list provides that and will allow you to make breath-taking stories about exactly what you have wanted to.

Classical templates are versatile designs that are meant to work in many situations. They make it easy to bring more serious subjects while keeping it light.
The Marketing templates are the perfect category template story when you are presenting on topics such as promotions, reviews and products.

The Food templates: Enjoy sharing your food pics when at a restaurant? Or maybe are you just a foodie who loves to show what you cooked? Well, this is the perfect category template for you to use. Food category template is great for any restaurant, chef or food influencer who is looking to highlight their meal and make stories that will make your mouth water.

The Pop templates: if you are looking for fun and colourful templates that can spice up any of your stories, the Pop templates will be your go-to. These templates use powerful colours combos to give a popping look to your stories.

The Sports category template is perfect for displaying sport or fitness plans. You can highlight your sports passion with the different templates.

The Replay templates are a unique and impressive category of story template that will give your information a fresh new look with its well-designed story template.

The Golden templates offer a sleek finish that's perfect for adding an elegant look to your stories.

The Blank templates unique templates are fully editable and easy to edit in.