Wish a Happy Mother's Day with Mojo's Social Animated Templates

Mother’s day is about honoring all the mother figures we have in our life. It can be your mother, step mother, grandmother and other maternal bonds. This is one of a kind relationship that transcends all relationships that we may have in our whole life. This is an axiomatic truth that maternal bonds are like no other. A kind of selfless love, endless dedication and countless devotion that is worth celebrating. It is true that such relationships should be celebrated everyday but nevertheless, mother’s day is an event worth honoring to show our appreciation and sheer respect to that special woman, we call our mother.

An event to say thank you

Generally celebrated in May around the world, Mothers’ day was first initiated by Anna Jarvis, who was an activist and she wanted to celebrate and honor all mothers around the world. Being a mother indeed is a never ending job, it encompasses a selfless non–stop duty of nurturing and caring. This day is the occasion to show the world the love you have for your mother.

Historically, we used to buy cards, gifts and flowers for this day. However, though paper still does have a special place, digital is the latest leading trend. Seize this occasion to polish your appreciation with a heartfelt video dedicated only for your mother.

Mother's Day

What is the best message for Mother's Day?

Mother’s day is all about expressing your love and gratitude. This can be done through animated videos or images but what makes it extra special is your personal message. The best way to make your mother special is to express yourself through your sincere words. Nothing will make your mother happier than having some magical words from her children. However, if you are out of words, you can still inspire yourself with the various special messages available on the internet.

What can you do on social media for Mother's Day?

The majority of our families, friends and acquaintances are connected on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, TikToc and so on. There is no best way to make a declaration of your love for your mother online on various social platforms. Through Facebook posts and Facebook Stories, you can post beautiful animated pictures of your mother or simply make a video on TikToc or make a scrapbook of various special events that can be posted on Instagram Reels or Instagram stories.

Using social animated templates to wish a Happy Mother's Day

Animated videos is a modern way of telling a story by using animations and transforming your still images and videos into something outstanding. Social animated templates are carefully designed computer generated effects, that is, the templates are designed with animated texts, animated GIFS, timings, backgrounds and other graphics that all together form a lively template narrating a story or an idea. They are similar to motion graphics, but the idea is to present your video or image in an artistic manner.

Animated videos are an excellent way to surprise your mom on this special occasion. You just need to choose a memorable template and select the theme you want your template to be. For heartfelt video greetings, here are some examples you could inspire with: throwback memories video, a hilarious event video or a video with a special message from each family member.

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Mojo’s editing
Exemple of story templates

Mojo’s social animated templates

Mojo is an app specialized in making social animated templates like a pro. The templates are carefully and professionally designed by graphics for full optimisation and upgrading your videos to a higher level. You do not need any special skills or to be an artistic person to make beautiful mother’s day videos- just find the perfect video or photo and make your wonders.

Mojo’s subscription

Once you have downloaded the application, there is no need to create an account to start using the app. You can start crafting your templates right away. However, there is a paid subscription to have access to all the features of Mojo. If it’s your first time using mojo, you will get three days free of the premium features. It is worth noting that, if you are reluctant to pay for the premium subscription, you can still enjoy the free features.

Choosing your social media platform

The app provides for various layouts, choose whether you want to post on Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok or Tweeter. The App already takes care to format the required layout according to the social media platform chosen.

Mojo’s editing possibilities

Mojo app always updates itself, so you will always find templates for all occasions on the app. You have to choose a template or simply start your template from scratch. But, it is very rare that someone does not find a template according to his tastes and preferences. The templates are categorised various themes, find your inspiration and start editing.

Once you have found the graphic that resonates with you, it’s time to customize it. Click on the template, you will be directed to another interface. From there, it’s time to roll the sleeves and start the editing. First of all, it is worth noting that you have two editing tools: the ‘Brush’ button and the ‘Plus’ button. The ‘Brush’ button comprises the structuring of the template and the ‘Plus’ button is all about the animations.

Now it’s time for personalisation of your mother’s day template. Add your pictures or video to the template, add your animated texts, change the color texts and backgrounds, fonts and add music or your own recorded voice if needed. To add extra flair, you can add animated stickers such as GIPHY, your logo, animated captions, swipe up or special characters.

Mojo has taken care of all the boring processes of designing the templates, you just have to make the amendments according to your choice and preferences. It is a user-friendly interface, it is easy to use and everything can be done within seconds.

Saving your template

Once all the masterwork is done, it is now time to save your modified template. The animated video will be saved directly on the app. You can make necessary modifications if needed. You can view your template by clicking on the ‘eye’ button, you will see how your posts will be viewed by your audience. When you are ready to share, click on the share button and transfer your clip directly from the mojo app. Share the template as much time as u want to show to the world how much your mom means to you.