Use Social Animated Templates to create your brand image

Content marketing is a strategy for creating high value-added content aimed at disseminating your expertise across all your communication channels (website, newsletter, social networks, prospecting e-mail, etc.). This strategy is extremely effective today, especially in B to B, it adapts perfectly to changes in customer behavior and allows you to create a strong and differentiating brand image. Content can take several forms and each of these forms has advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account. A content marketing strategy takes time and involves all functions of the company. You will be dealing with many different areas of digital marketing and if you don't want to get lost it is important to set clear objectives.

Mojo offers advice on how to design animated social media templates that are consistent with your brand's image and values.

The importance of social media posts for your branding

The production of branded content is part of content marketing, which refers to a strategy aimed at creating and distributing media content in order to acquire new customers.

By creating content for your brand, you will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Improving your SEO ranking in search engines like Google
  • Increasing your brand awareness among your targets
  • Better credibility with your customers and prospects to encourage the buying process
  • The possibility to stand out from the competition

There will be other benefits as well, but those listed here are more than enough to motivate you to create content for your brand.
Once you have created your content, you need to promote it by adopting the right communication strategy.
One of the steps you should not miss is to sign up on social media. I don't need to remind you the power of social networks in digital marketing.

Of course, you need to choose quality social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
By creating pages in these social networks, you will increase your chances of building a community of internet users.
They will not choose to become members of your community if they are not interested in your posts, so producing quality content is one of the keys to your overall brand image.
If you are not yet present on the most popular social networks, don't hesitate to register in order to better promote your content.
The objective here is that through your pages, those who follow you are directed to your website and discover the content written for your company.

If at the beginning, you have to act alone and carry out a self-promotion of your contents, over time, you can establish a partnership with other companies or influencers who share the same audience as you.
Also, in order for your content strategy to be effective, don't hesitate to invite your team to work closely together.
Your marketing experts can partner with your SEO experts or your communication managers to identify the best approach to promote your content through networks and other channels.

On your end, you can provide oversight and ensure that the strategy adopted properly promotes the content written for your brand.

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What should social media animated templates package include?

The free Mojo app specializes in templates animation of all kinds, for individuals but also for brands that want to develop their identity on the Internet. By downloading our free app, you will be able to create a high quality animated social media template, thanks to many features.

Download the free Mojo app now! You'll have access to more than 400 original templates in a variety of themes. Each template can be used for different purposes: creating a video on YouTube, a post on Instagram, Snapchat or even Facebook. You know: for your business, you need to target the most effective social networks.

Have you found the video or photo template that matches your search criteria? Now you can customize it as much as you want, with the image or video of your choice. The free Mojo app also allows you to insert your business logo in the template. Add text of course, in the font of your choice. Mojo even allows you to include animated text! Complete your template with a Gif, a hashtag or a call to action.

How do you brand social media animated templates?

1. Create valuable social media animated templates

Your community is overwhelmed with content on social networks, and therefore its attention is difficult to capture. To stand out from your competitors and interest your targets, you need to post valuable, original, relevant and relevant social media animated templates.

2. Adopt the posture of an expert via your social media animated templates

To do this, position yourself as an expert and share your expertise and know-how with your audience. Your content (tutorials, forums, infographics, videos...) will have more value, thanks to adapted social media animated templates And illustrate your content with beautiful visuals. Indeed, the difference between a basic publication and a publication with an image is a double engagement for the second. The illustrations of your social media animated templates will always have more weight.

3. Inspire your community with quality animated social media templates

Finally, encourage and inspire your audiences by posting content they particularly like. With an analysis tool, you will know your targets and their preferences. Indeed, the advantage of social media is to provide many useful statistics to validate or not your strategy.

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4. Encourage interaction, thanks to your social media animated templates

Listen, talk, share, thank, in short... engage: this is the essence of social networks and inbound marketing. It's also the biggest challenge for community managers. What will set you apart from your competitors are social media animated templates that encourage your community to communicate with you. By showing that you care, your community will give you back. The more interactions you have, the more you will optimize your SEO.

Another way to interact and gain visibility is to use hashtags. They will allow you to keep track of published content. Under the same hashtag, content will be shared and create a cloud of common interests.