Spread love on Valentine's Day with Social Animated Templates

Valentine's Day has always been a special occasion to express your love to your better half. Couples usually celebrate this special love day by showering their cherished ones with gifts or things that bring back their fondest memories. However, Valentine's Day is not only meant for couples, we live unconditional love with our friends or even in the relationship bond we share with our online community. Moreover, Valentine's Day is a golden opportunity not to be missed out by the business owners.

Valentine's Day, a commercial holiday ?

If we analyze closely the way Valentine's Day is celebrated, it can be deduced that ecommerce, be it Make Up brands or a business specialized in customizable gifts, are the major beneficiaries of this occasion. Indeed, if digital marketing approaches are used effectively, you will boost up your sales. Grab this exciting opportunity to promote your products and services online.

Are you aspiring to amaze your valentines in a unique way this year ? You are not fond of writing and a Valentine's Day card is for you, out-to-date ? Considering sending your love message in an email or even better, expressing your love in an exceptional animated video template ? As a social influencer, you wish to seize Valentine's Day to share your affectionate feelings with your loyal followers on Instagram ? Also known as a hallmark-driven holiday, Valentine's Day is an excellent time to take your business sales to the next level.

Asking yourself how to craft an amazing, enlivened Valentine's Day video template to make your lovers' eyes shine ? Trying to figure out how to design an aesthetically pleasing video template to catch the eyes of your audience on Instagram ? Do not go far ! Mojo is the best content-making tool ever to design stylish and engaging video templates. We offer a unique array of pre-designed templates, all fully customizable with our special editing features in one go. Free to download, Mojo will help you to show to your valentines how much they mean to you or to enhance your e-store products.

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How to edit a mind-blowing Valentine's Day video template with Mojo

Mojo's exceptional video templates are not only stylish, but they are also customer-oriented. Shine on your Instagram and on your other websites.

  • Our designing tool is free to download. Mojo offers two versions, a free one and a pro one if ever you want to unlock more advanced templates. To get an insight of our pro version templates, try our free three-day trial.
  • Dive in our amazing collection. Discover our Pop templates, our Musical and Audio templates, our Scrapbooking ones or more.
  • Pick up the preferred template style that will make your Valentine's Day videos pop out.
  • With Mojo, you can add any video or picture to any template ! Enjoy yourself.
  • Upload your own romantic visual even if it is in a psd format, or choose a coherent visual from our "Photos stock" (Tap for example Valentine's Day on the bar search to optimize your time).
  • Make your valentines' or audience's eyes sparkle with our editing features and options. Change your chosen template's background color, add graphic elements like GIFs or funny lively cartoon stickers, crop or zoom on details.
  • Have good fun with our text editor. We offer a wide array of text and font styles.
  • Make your Valentine's Day contents more appealing with our bunch of special filters.
  • Think of inserting Hashtags and your store location's link on your posted video contents.
  • Enliven your Valentine's Day videos with a romantic melody or matching soundtrack. Upload your tune or click on the pencil icon on Mojo app, then go to our "Sentimental" musical collection.
  • Once your Valentine's Day video templates are tailored, save it to your phone or share it directly on your Instagram Stories feed or on your other networks.

With Mojo, your customized Valentine's Day videos will simply crush it. Your lover will be under your contents' charming effect, whereas for business owners, your appealing contents will attract more potential buyers.

Let your Valentine's Day videos glow

To make your videos stand out, take these elements into account while drafting your template :

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Importance of a digital logo for business owners

It is essential to have a unique logo to impose your digital presence, and at the same time for your Valentine's Day video contents to be recognized by your followers. Choose one among our ready-to-use logo designs or edit one as per your preferences. Adjust your text and font style according to your business brand.

You can use blinking logo designs, sliding or bold ones. The choice is all yours.

For instance, you can use a bold or calligraphy logo text style with a shadow effect. For the font color, why not white ? Then, for the shadow effect, select a warm red color.

Customize and add visual elements to your content

Adjust your background color with our colorful palette. You can use Valentine's Day traditional colors like red or pink. However, choose a background color which will highlight your texts as well as your visual illustrations.

In our GIFs collection, we have amazing Valentine's Day motifs, 2D and 3D lovely illustrations, sparkling hearts, sweet Cupid illustrations or even flying tiny red hearts. Use and resize them to make your posted contents go viral.

Add good music to highlight your video templates

Set the tone of your Valentine's Day videos to hold your lovers' and audience's attention, for example insert a soft or acoustic melody. The right soundtrack will evoke romantic feelings and memories.

Engaged in a fashion ecommerce, use a happy acoustic tune. Your store sells fine lingerie items ? Add sensual sound to your Valentine's Day video designs to set the mood of your audience.

Which social animated templates can you create on Valentine's Day?

Create amazing Valentine's Day videos with our Storytelling templates or with our Golden ones. Yet, you can choose any template style to make your contents pop out. Use our filters and editing features to make them more stunning.

Which is the perfect social media to post animated templates on Valentine's Day?

The perfect website to post your animated Valentine's Day videos is surely Instagram through its Stories. Instagram is best to promote business products and deals.