Share your portfolio with unique Social Animated Templates

Whether you are an artist, a photographer, a designer or an animator, you will undeniably need a portfolio design to showcase your creative work. With the advent of technology, portfolios are now displayed online via animated pictures and videos. It is a way to give life to a video or still image with anmation tools, such as animated Texts, animated GIF and music. Animation is the latest trend to attract a variety of new potential customers and can make the world see your best artwork design.

Animated portfolio is about telling a story through pictures or videos by showing the tale of your art. However, it is not just about posting your work and it is done. Much work has to be done to make people see through your lenses and visualize your idea.

Choose the right social platforms.

Before choosing your social animated templates, it is crucial to know where you are going to post your portfolio. You should not only be limites to your website, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikToc are the most used platforms with billions of users. However, the competition is very fierce, you have to stand out of the crowd. You might have mastered your skills but without well positioning your craft, your work will be out valued.

Mojo app has recently upgraded its social reach. Normally, users of mojo’s content was limited to platforms like Instagram, TikToc and Facebook. It has recently expanded its spheres like Tweeter, Facebook Ad, and Pinterest, giving you a large choice of platforms. In other words, the app provides you with various layout options for your portfolio irrespective of the browser’s device or screen size.

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Social Animated Templates

Keep in mind that your template is the backbone of the work you want to include. It is crucial to capture the mind of your viewers quickly else they will fast forward through your work. It takes some seconds to move from one post or a story to another. Your chosen template should reflect your creativity in order to attract viewers.

With Mojo, you will get a variety of impressive selection of template choices, carefully designed to be unparalleled. You are not limited to standard themes. Mojo app was designed by professionals to create eye catching and unique templates to reflect your originality in a grandiose manner. For example, the app provides you with a category only for photography but in different styles.

How to create your animated portfolio with Mojo App?

An excellent collaborative tool, Mojo app is a user friendly platform and there is no need to create an account to enjoy the possibilities provided by the app. You just need to download it to your phone. However, there is a paid subscription to be able to enjoy all the options available, but it is not an obligation and you can still use the app with the free version. Worth noting that the app keeps on updating itself to stay up to date with the latest trends and guarantees complete satisfaction.

The app also provides for a variety of themes animation to fit your brands. Whether you are a photographer, Fashion designer, foodie, a model or entrepreneur, the app provides for all kinds of unique templates.

To get started, you can include your artistic output to a large choice of unique layouts available on the app. You just have to choose from the various categories and choose the best template that matches and displays your artwork design.

Once you have chosen your template, it is time to include some editing. You will be transported to another interface where you will find a ‘Brush’ option or a ‘plus’ option. It is an easy-to-navigate interface and editing is done effortlessly with the tips of your fingers.

With the Brush button:

  • You can swap between other layouts at any moment
  • You will have a great choice of colors for your texts
  • You can also modify the backgrounds
  • Add the music of your choice. You can add your own music or choose from a variety of choices available.
  • Change the format of the video according to the platform you are going to post. For example, you have Instagram Reels, Instagram posts, TikToc, Facebook ads and so on.
  • You can the timings of the texts and music

With the Plus button:

  • through media, you can choose the photo or video you want to show
  • Choose from a variety of text animations to upgrade your still image or video. You can choose from different text styles like Title, Caption, Social links, dynamic texts, swipe up, special or numbers.
  • Choose animated stickers, GIFS or logotype
  • You can add an additional page, adding other social links where you are reachable.

You can also create your own template from scratch with your own choice of layout, color selections, background, text fonts and color, stickers and text alignment. You can create your own on-brand templates by just adding your logo.

Mojo provides a selection of theme templates to meet various needs and preferences. However, you can also opt for a one size fit all approach by creating an on brand template.

After editing, you have the possibility to click on the eye button and see how your template is going to be viewed by your audience. You just have to click on the ‘Eye’ button and once done, the template will be saved on the app itself so that you could use the same template again for another portfolio. Lastly, share your portfolio directly from Mojo App to your selected social media interface.

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What should be included in an animation portfolio?

Here are some tips to put your portfolio design in context:

Show your best design

You should show the works that reveal your artistic views and abilities. As an artist or a photographer you should be able to make people see your point of view. Mojo App provides for the opportunity to highlight different pictures in one template. You should choose the best ones and the most recents ones.

Before and after

You can also use the before and after template to show your editing skills as a photographer. The idea of your portfolio is to showcase your skills as a photographer and as an editor. The animated template is a way to catch the attention of your viewers and show them why you are so great.

Categorize your artwork design

You might have different themes for your works. It is important to categorize your videos or photos so that your viewers can easily find your most relevant works.

How many pieces should an animation portfolio have?

Ideally, your portfolio should be limited with only your best and recent works. Keeping in mind that to keep your audience and viewers engaged, you should make your portfolio strong from the beginning to the end. Try to incorporate 10 to 15 pieces depending on where you are posting them. For professional digital social animated templates, 5 pieces can be enough. Mojo has the option to add an additional page to its template, so do not forget to add links to your website so that your audience can easily find your complete works.