Share new products and services with Social Animated Templates

The free Mojo app is a free tool to create optimized images for social networks. Many community managers prefer our app to Adobe Photoshop to design their visuals. Mojo offers a feature that you should like: you can create animated images very easily.

Why is animated content the best strategy for your social media?

There's no better way to keep your Instagram followers interested than by posting fresh, engaging content. You can do this and more with infographics or stunning photos that will appeal across generations! For an added boost of popularity, try throwing some animated posts into the mix- they're bound to not only catch attention, but also prove you know what’s trending in social media these days. When it comes to Instagram, the key is not just having good content, but making your posts engaging and creative. If you want more of an audience on this social media platform, then post photos that are eye-catching with some animated emojis or short videos - they're bound to catch attention!

The more you engage with your followers on Instagram, the higher chance of gaining new audiences or keeping loyal ones. You can spice up content by using infographics and stunning photos, as well as some animated posts that will catch attention through their dynamism! So you want to create an animated Instagram post but are unsure where or what direction should go in? You can use one of our free templates! There’s plenty available for any occasion. It might be difficult choosing which style works best with your personal taste, however; we have set up filters so that design will fall into themes based on preference alone - modern/minimalist vs classic etc...

The output is simple and easy-to follow. As a final step, you can send your work-out for feedback and input. Then, share it with other people on Instagram, by using our easy sharing feature. You can also download the file format that best suits what type of post design you want, in order to publish immediately from within an account's settings!

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How do you create animated social post templates for your business?

Once you have your perfect Instagram layout, it's time to customize! With limitless design options available for free or at a premium price, there is no end in sight. No matter what type of content creator wants their posts handled efficiently and effectively - we've got just the thing here on Mojo. Whether scrolling through our selection from backgrounds and fonts all the way down, animation icons can do wonders when adding flair onto any given project without fail.

Feel like selling and showcasing your products on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat or the social network of your choice? You don't know how to go about it? Don't panic, we're going to give you all the necessary tips within this article. Ready to discover more?

Sell your products on social media with social animated templates

Obviously, in order for your products to sell well, we will give you some tips to consider:

  • You need to tag your social animated template: this is the best way you have to enhance your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. Besides, if you have invested in an original and good quality product catalog, don't hesitate anymore! You'll definitely be selling your first products soon.
  • You can also tag multiple products in one social animated template. The more tags you have on your products, the more chances you will have to sell them. Also note that a buyer may also see a message ""also featured in this post"": if he likes the product, he may also fall for it.
  • You need to display the right tags on the right social animated template. So it's important to verify these.
  • You also need to create a consistent shopping experience for your community, so your customers need to feel good about your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat store.
  • Don't hesitate to promote your Instagram or Facebook store on other platforms through social animated templates: this is the best way to see your sales increase.
  • Hashtags simply make it easier to find you. Users you don't know can perfectly find your products via hashtags.

Put your products on display within great social animated templates

Your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat account will have little value if you just post the product images present on your site. You need to create added value to your photos, in order to bring an exclusive and qualitative content, which will make your audience loyal. Photograph your products in environments corresponding to your target and allowing to value their use. Places, events, activities... In which contexts can your products be used by your consumers?

Social animated templates: don't forget the video!

If the photo is still mostly present on the network, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat announced in 2017 an 80% increase in video viewing time! The engagement generated by videos is unmatched. Think about creating videos that are no longer than 15 seconds, which you will share on your feed. If you have longer videos, Instagram will offer to edit and shorten the content, or string together multiple video sections in a row. Take care of the first 3 seconds of your video. Grab attention from the start. Full HD images, a concise and punchy narration, a nice voice-over... do it with quality! And don't forget the "music", which allows you to introduce a song or bring a background sound to your story.

The "video" modes:

  • Boomerang: ideal for shooting short sequences that are repeated in a loop like a GIF
  • Superzoom: a zoom effect that highlights the person or object in your video
  • Stop-motion: photos that animate and form a short film
  • Rewind: videos in reverse (playback starts at the end of your sequence)
  • Hands-free mode: no need to keep your thumb on the button... it runs!
Hands-free mode
Exemple of story templates

Some tips to optimize your content strategy

Free, high-quality content is a great way to show potential customers that you know what you're talking about, but don't show too much sales intent. It's not about telling the world "Buy now!", but about showing your value and building trust with your target audience. Content should be authentic, compelling and easily shareable.

When choosing platforms to make your presence known, think about where your customers are. Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp...? How do they interact with social media? What time of day are they there? Each audience has its own peculiarities and you will need to observe your followers' behaviors to fully understand where and at what time you can reach your target audience the most.