Promote your Podcast with unique Social Animated Templates

The need to continuously create fresh and engaging animated podcast audio and video contents is great to make a podcast creator stand out on social media. Indeed, the competition is fiercer than ever, whether on Youtube, on Facebook and especially on Instagram, with this huge influx of all kinds of video styles. With more than 400 million active users, Instagram is the best online network to run a podcast successfully, catching more eyes and ears on you. Promote your podcast audio videos by posting fascinating Instagram Stories with Mojo's trendiest and stylish animated video templates.

What is exactly a Podcast?

A podcast refers to an audio broadcast, similar to a radio program. The podcast creator makes several audio episodes where emphasis is put on a specific topic, like "reggae music". Yet, you can subscribe yourself, download a particular podcast session and listen to the audio program whenever you want to.

With new social trends emerging, the podcast audio style has also evolved. The podcast video-style is now a soaring phenomenon on Instagram, with millions of new and attractive episodes posted daily.

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What is meant by a podcast audiogram post?

A podcast audiogram refers to the combination of a podcast audio track and of visual art content elements, like an animated template with only a logo, a moving or a fixed background or even a sound wave illustration to make your podcast video more lively. Indeed, some creators even produce live recording podcasts where they invite guests or interact directly with their engaged audience throughout the live session.

You are launching yourself in a podcast ? Indeed, with this fast-growing trend, there is no better time to launch yourself, whether your aim is to boost up your business activity or for your spare time. A podcast audiogram is a cost-effective marketing strategy to build a genuine bond with your social community and to attract new listeners.

With Mojo easy-friendly content-making app, upgrade your podcast audio and video contents with catchy animated designs. We provide hundreds of beautifully pre-set templates. All of them can be fully personalized with our incredible editing features and options. Moreover, we regularly update our designs' collection for you to be constantly in the trend. With Mojo, design appealing podcast animated templates in only a few minutes.

Reasons to post your podcast audio and video on Instagram

The first convincing reason is the high return of investment one gets from Instagram. For instance, if your podcast audiogram perfectly delivers the desired message on your Instagram Stories, you will be able to create a high social engagement rate, maintain your faithful followers and catch the ears and eyes of potential ones.

Since an Instagram Story disappears after 24 hours, design stunning and memorable animated video contents. With Mojo, your podcast contents will always be fresh and one of a kind.

Create thrilling animated podcast audio and video templates for Instagram Stories

Do you need to make a podcast announcement on Instagram ? Well, take your podcast audiogram to another level with our editing template tool. Let's dive in our creative crafting adventure.

  • Our content-crafting tool kit is free to download.
  • Once our amazing app is downloaded, open it to access our dashing ready-to-use templates' collection. You can dive in our free version or sign up to our pro one, unlocking more eye-catching templates with more advanced features.
  • Go through our Musical and Audio templates collection, crafted especially for podcast creators. Hand-picked one style.
  • If you don't want a moving background, then choose a picture from our images' collection or upload your own visual designs.
  • With Mojo, you can also add a video to any template style.
  • Have a good time with our unique editing settings. Customize your podcast background cover with our color scheme, create catchy text with our different text and font designs, align and resize your texts, crop or zoom on visual elements.
  • Our set of filters will convert boring podcast audiogram contents into cheerful ones.
  • Add poll and questions stickers as well as witty animated GIFs to generate commitment from your Instagram followers.
  • Remember to tag your guest if ever you did a live discussion podcast and add Hashtags as well. This enhances your audience exposure.
  • If your Instagram has reached the number of 10,000 followers, add your podcast Stories' links or your bio's link to increase web traffic.
  • Add matching soundtracks to put your listeners in a good vibe.
  • Once your animated podcast audiogram video templates are fully customized, upload them directly to your Instagram or other social media websites, or save it on your smartphone.

Tips to create killer animated podcast audio and video templates for Instagram

To create an engaging audience on the long-term run, you need to be consistent with your topic and your visual elements must be in line too. Before crafting your podcast templates, identify your business brand's essence, your community's persona and most importantly yours. If you are consistent with these elements, your podcasts will generate leads.

Create a logo coherent with your podcast related-topic

Your podcast episodes are focused on pop-culture, on fictional stories or on wellness ? Make sure your logo reflects your topic. For example, if you are engaged in a Rock and Roll podcast, design a visual signature reflecting that spirit. You can use our shadow title logo style as it is or edit it, taking it to another level.

Edit your podcast video template's color cover

Color is a powerful visual element. Edit your cover with our color palette or create one from our color chart wheel.

If you have a fixed background and your topic of discussion is wellness, why not a peach color for your cover ?

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Add graphic elements for more animations

Dive in our GIFs collection to find the right animated cartoon stickers to bring your content to life. Your podcast is on music ? Our GIFs collection has all you need to enjoy your audience.

What are good social animated templates for a podcast?

The best templates for a podcast are the Musical and Audio templates. Yet, you can choose other styles, like the Storytelling ones.

What social media should a podcast have?

A podcast will rock it more on Instagram, which keeps on growing.