Mojo's Social Animated Templates are the best Birthday Wishes

Greeting someone for his birthday is just another way to show your care, and presence despite the distance, and the recent situation due to the pandemic. Normally birthday wishes are sent through cards, simply through a post online or celebrated with a party. However, due to limited movement, why not commemorate this special moment of your life online through social media platforms? This is the occasion to demark yourself from your previous posts. For that day to be exceptional, you need to start planning how you will make those special announcements to your socials.

Wishing a happy birthday through social animated templates

Greet someone for his birthday with social animated templates from Mojo app. It is the easiest way to personalize, and edit your wishes, and enhance the festive mood. It adds a little merriness by going an extra mile rather than just making a post on Facebook or Instagram. It is all about honoring the presence of this person by shooting out to the world through social media platforms that it is the special day of someone. Indeed, Mojo provides various templates with different themes to adapt to everyone’s styles. It can be a special video, a photo or a simple quote, the readymade templates of mojo will bring life to your message.

Wishing a happy birthday

How do you make an animated birthday wish?

You do not need any special skills or talent to bring that little extra to your template. Mojo has already designed templates that need to be personalized with just little clicks, and your birthday template is ready to be shared. The interface is so easy, and friendly to use that you will surely have fun creating those masterpieces.

Here are the steps to make your birthday wishes in style:

Step 1: Download the app

To begin with your editing, you have to download the app. You do not need to create an account to use the features of the application. But you will be asked for a paid subscription. Note that you can still use the free version of the app. However, with the free version you will have a limited feature.

Step 2: choose your template

The App provides for various templates for various themes. The choice will be yours if you want something extravagant with balloons to give that party effect or simply choose a simple template with some minimalist effect. Note that the apps keep on updating itself, so it will be easy to find something to your exigencies.

Step 3: choose your layout

Your layout will depend on where you want to post your template. The layout for Tik Tok will be different from that of Facebook, and Instagram. However, you can still edit your layout at any time.

Step 4: navigate on the unlimited animated effects offered

The app allows you to add your video or photo for an authentic, and personal touch. Note that this option is free. Mojo is all about a click, and add tools. Once you click on the template you are directed to the pictures in your gallery. However, whatever animated templates you choose, Mojo’s interface will make it as easy, and fun for you. Your editing will be done within minutes.

After choosing the structure you want your video template to take, it is time to add the party effect with your pre designed template. This can be done by going through the ‘plus’ and ‘brush’ button. This is where the fun begins.

Animated Texts

With just a few clicks, you can edit your birthday texts, add animation to it or simply add a movable caption to it. You can also change the color, and the effects of the wordings such as the fonts, the timings, and its size. Mojo provides for a beautiful bunch of typography, but it will be limited if you have opted for the free version of the app. To be more thoughtful, add a personal birthday statement, and creatively enhance it with your timings options, and the favorite color of the celebrant.

Background, and music

Find a collection of unparalleled background on the app to add some flair to your birthday video templates. For more customisation, you can add as background the picture of the celebrant as blurred.

To give life to your video template, why not add music to increase the festive mood. If you are having difficulties in choosing the right music for your template, feel free to surf on the list already categorized by the app or simply add the sound of your choice.

Step 5: add the wow effect

To expertly, add the wow effect to your video template, you can surf throughout mojo’s animated graphics such as stickers, GIFs, and logos. This can be done with a few clicks by adding a heart graphic or something more festive. Just make your choice, and drag, and place to where you want it to appear, and make adjustments in terms of colors, and timings. Again, your choice of graphics will depend on whether you have the pro or the free version.

wow effect
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Exemple of story templates

Step 6: save, and share

Easily save your video template on the app itself. You can save it for future use or other adjustments. Note that you can still change the layout at any time.

Sharing your posts has never been so easy. The apps allow you to post your content video directly from the app itself to the social media of your choice such as TikTok, Facebook stories, Facebook Ads, Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, YouTube’s Shorts, and Tweeter Video or Twitter posts.

How do you write birthday content?

If you are short of ideas for your birthday wishes or birthday invitation, you can still surf online. But nothing is more personal than simple words that come from the heart. Even if it is just about adding a simple happy birthday, Mojo’s animation options will enhance it to another height to make it special, and filled with good vibes. Try the animated captions or texts to highlight your message. It is simply impossible not to catch the attention of your followers with those animations.