Make Christmas holidays special, with Social Animated Templates

Christmas is just in a few days and you want your wishes to be more than just a few pictures taken from the internet to thank all your viewers and wish them a Merry Christmas and happy holiday in style. Then you should probably check the new template updates on Mojo App. When we think about Christmas it is all about sharing gifts and sincerely wishing our close ones, so Mojo has created a category on Christmas having a variety of animated videos ranging from merry Christmas wishes to Christmas sales.

You can find the animated templates on the latest category, by scrolling at the end of the app’s interface or simply find the templates on Features. They have been designed by professionals to suit all categories of people be it; companies, influencers, and individuals. Whether you are looking for snow, green, white and red they are all present. Mojo Christmas animated template will make you and your viewers feel the magic of end of year festivities.

Christmas social animated templates

Your viewers and family need to have the best. Why not use social animated videos to differentiate yourself. For years, we have been sending cards to our dear ones but with the digital age and the growing number of followers and social contacts it is not easy to keep in touch with them. It is thus easier to post on social platforms. This can be done through eye-catching designs newly created by the app Mojo which is specialized to create short videos to express your deepest emotions. The app has indeed various templates that you will surely be mesmerized with. Be it for fashion sales, or food reviews, you will have templates for all your contents.

Christmas social

Where can you post social animated templates for Christmas?

It is the era of digital and being mostly connected to social platforms with our viewers, followers and family, it will be easier to post on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Reels, Instagram stories, TikTok or Youtube. These are the most used platforms and an excellent opportunity to meet a larger group of people. This is the occasion to wish everyone who has been close to you and following you throughout the year in the most stunning way. Templates are ways to bring your emotions to life on social platforms.

How to create Christmas social animated templates?

Making animated videos has never been so easy. Years back to make a simple video we would have recourse to a graphic designer or software like Photoshop which was not easy to use and manipulate. With Mojo, you can make artistic animated videos within seconds. You do not need extraordinary editing skills, the templates are already designed to make your life easier.

However, there is also the possibility to make your own templates from scratch by letting your creativity flow and using your own content, you just need follow the following steps:

The first step is to go on Mojo and click on ‘Create from Scratch’. You choose the dimension in accordance with the social media platform you want to post. You have the choice from Instagram Post, Landscape, story and so on. From there, you should choose your desired layout and using the ‘Blush’ and the ‘Plus’ button you can edit the template to your likings. You can manipulate the whole by adding texts, photos, layout shapes, and illustrations. As for the picture, you can add your photo or that of your family around the Christmas tree. To embellish the whole, select animated texts, Gifs, or stickers

Once your editing is done, you can click on the 'Eye' icon to preview what your post will look like. If all is according to the result you wanted to achieve, you can save your template or share directly to social media platforms from the App.

Christmas template
Merry Christmas
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Exemple of story templates

Christmas template for influencers

Christmas is the opportunity to build more customer relationships and loyalty by posting special Christmas animated videos to your customers. Businesses think about profits the whole year, it is the time to show gratitude. This is a way to show that you care and to show your appreciation for your customers.

Mojo app has created various templates for companies. You just need to click on the text and add the name of your company and it’s done. You can add a personal touch to your usual customers to show them that they are remembered or keep it the same for all the users.

Christmas template for companies

You are an influencer and you have been engaging yourself with your viewers throughout the year and you want to seize the occasion to wish them a Merry Christmas in style. Find on Mojo, an animated video to wish your audience. You just need to selected meaningful Christmas messages and it’s done.

Moreover, you can also create some Christmas content, for example, about gift ideas that your viewers could inspire themselves from.

Holiday sales template

When we speak of Christmas, we think of gifts. It is the best time to boost your sales. You will find various templates on Christmas sales on Mojo. They are all unique and designed in such a way to be eye-catching to attract customers. On some templates you can add various pictures or just select your best collection for your holiday sales. It is also very important that you post regularly to get more views, thus having more potential clients having your product in mind while deciding what to purchase for Christmas.

New Year template

After Christmas, here comes New Year. Mojo has already drafted some New Year videos in its Christmas collection.

Choose the Mojo App for your Christmas publications

To enjoy most of the features available in the app you will have to opt for a Pro version. The pro version comprises carefully created editing options designed to catch attention such as various text animations, gifs, illustrations and stickers animation. However, you can still use the Free version to make wonderful designs. Also, you do not need to create an account to enjoy the free access.

The Apps also does update its features to adapt to the latest trends and comprises various themes such as Photography, Food, Minimal, Glitch and so on.