Increase your e-shop sales with Mojo's Social Animated Templates

Just embarked yourself in the ecommerce world ? Are you looking for creative and attractive marketing techniques to display your e-store products and services on your social media websites, be it on Instagram or Facebook ? Looking for the perfect formula to raise awareness about ongoing sales ? How can you make a product stand out in this fierce online competition ? Wasting countless hours looking for ideas to take your e-store sales to the highest heights ? As a matter of fact, it is easier to plan out an e-store than staying top listed on social media networks.

Don't waste your time any longer, just download Mojo app to take your video product sales templates to the next level. Wondering if any design skills are required to use Mojo ? Don't worry! Mojo is an effortless and time-saving online editing tool with the trendiest and professional-looking ready-to-use templates. Moreover, all of them are fully editable with our tremendous features. What makes Mojo an exceptional app is its unique collection of social animated templates, exploring various themes. You can either choose templates from our free version or join the Mojo pro community to access more advanced templates.

Our templates will help you to improve your e-store products' visibility, thus generating more web traffic to your social media networks.

Reasons to use social animated templates for your store product videos

With the number of business activities now turning to ecommerce, you need to make your online presence stand out of the crowd with a strong identity. Always keep in mind that social media is image-driven.

Crafting animated contents for your sales videos with the right template is an efficient way to boost up your social visibility with engaging and appealing contents.

Indeed, most e-stores post monotonous image or video templates on sales going on. Usually, when watchers click on the posted templates, they move on to other e-store posted contents quickly. Simple templates sometimes do not call for actions and reactions. But with Mojo, as e-store owners, you have in hand amazing features to design responsive templates, helping you to get a high audience exposure. You will attract new customers and loyal followers will be always eager to consume your product's posted contents. Always bear in mind that product's video templates must show freshness.

Hit big on your social website with unique products' video templates.

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How do you create animated content for your e-shop?

Mojo’s pre-designed templates are not only professional-looking and stylish, but they are also customer-oriented. Our templates have been categorized by themes, make sure you select the one enhancing your product's theme.

  • First, make sure to download our editing tool app to access the best responsive templates ever.
  • Your creative journey will depend on the version you are using. The free version offers a beautiful set of templates. Yet, if you want more dazzling templates, feel free to subscribe yourself to our pro version. Good news, we offer a free-day trial.
  • Select the template style that fits your e-store products. We have Shop templates, Fashion templates, Slideshow templates, Plain templates and many more.
  • Pick up the template style showcasing your e-store products.
  • Take a picture of your product and upload it on our app. Or, select consistent images/videos from our image gallery.
  • Push your template to another level by using our editing feature and various text and font styles. Zoom on pretty elements of your product, crop unnecessary details, or resize your product visual's dimension.
  • Add special effects with our preset filters.
  • Add animated polls and questions stickers and GIFs to create ongoing online communication.
  • For example, on your Instagram Stories feed, insert Hashtags to increase social engagement or even your store's location link.
  • Add and use the appropriate soundtrack in line with your product.

Follow these simple steps and your social animated product template will be a great masterpiece.

Select and design responsive social animated video templates for ecommerce products

Select your video template as per its theme

Our templates are categorized by themes. Choosing the right template's theme is an effective tactic to stay connected to your social audience and to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Promote your discounted product with our Marketing templates. They are perfect to highlight your e-store's products on sales. To effectively use this template style, we advise you to insert the reviews of satisfied customers while drafting your video product's template. For instance, if your e-store is specialized in skateboard materials, choose a compelling picture of your product, add your satisfied customers' feedback, add a cinematic sound on your video template and customize it by adding funny animated cartoon stickers and characters.

In our GIFs' collection, you will have sliding skateboard illustrations in neon colors, Bart Simpson funny characters or even 2D and 3D designs.

These graphic elements will add value to your product video template and will capture the interest of your targeted community.

Select a template with more catchy effects

Our Glitch templates can be used for any theme and for any ecommerce activity. Your sales videos will be simply more attention-grabbing than ever with this unique combination of futuristic and vintage layout.

Let's say your e-store is promoting lingerie products. You can exploit the provocative side of the glitch templates to capture your targeted audience attention.

Again, customize your product's template creatively by adding a soft and sexy soundtrack. Mojo also provides GIFs and animated illustrations consistent with the lingerie theme. Use them to amaze your community.

We have various social animated templates, just dive into our app to discover them.

How do you create animated content for your e-shop?

Personalize your product template color

While designing your product's template, think about the color background. With Mojo, you have the possibility to change the shade or to blur your background in order to put emphasis on your products.

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Exemple of story templates

Use Mojo text editor for more originality

Insert a caption box on your product's template by using our text editor. Use our different text and font styles. For example, you can insert wordings like, "How much would you buy this fashionable watch", in a bold dark color for more visibility on a light shade background. This text will create social interaction with your community.

What social media does ecommerce use?

Ecommerce uses mostly Instagram to promote their products, since it has more than 400 million active users.