How to use Social Animated Templates for your real estate agency?

Regardless of the activity sector, more business brands are making the most of social media networks to broaden their niche market. Today, traditional marketing methods have given way to digital marketing approaches, which are cost-effective for any business.

Like it or not, social media is playing a key role in the growth of any business activity, even in the real estate property sector. Wondering how a real estate agency can take advantage of a social website, like Instagram or Facebook ? Well, simply through well-designed and professional-looking posted video templates. Famous real estate agencies have been able to establish a strong agency-client relationship bond with their followers and customers by creating a smart social presence. This trusting relationship can lead to closing deals on real estate properties.

Going through a fuss thinking about how to design catchy videos without going through huge costs ? Wondering if you can use an editing app to create attractive real estate video templates to show off a property ? Good news ! Mojo graphic design tool kit is what you need to make a difference. Our effortless and time saving app provides a unique collection of social animated video templates especially crafted to highlight real estate agency's products. All our ready-to-use video templates are fully editable to meet your professional expectations. Mojo does not require any design skills and is free to download. To dive in our modern and stylish Real Estate templates collection, subscribe yourself to our pro version.

Why should a real estate agency use social media ?

Purchasing a property or even to put your property on sale is not only a financial decision but also an emotional one. Buyers wish to have an engaged real estate agency helping and advising them concerning the complexities of property acquisition, whereas property owners wish to have a real estate agency who will protect their interests.

This is where a social media platform comes in. If this digital marketing tool is used effectively, your agency will be able to create a strong social engagement with loyal followers and potential buyers. Attention-grabbing real estate videos are a great way to create and to maintain animated interaction with your social community, thus, winning people's trust. When you post beautifully crafted video templates of your real estate agency's accomplishments and buyers' satisfaction, potential clients will feel more confident in your agency's proficiency.

What is great with real estate videos, is that they focus mostly on visual elements and show only key information. In other words, no need to add long descriptive texts on a video template.

Social websites, be it Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, are goldmines for your real estate agency. Make the most of them.

On your end, you can provide oversight and ensure that the strategy adopted properly promotes the content written for your brand.

create brand image

How do you create real estate animated social posts on Instagram?

With Mojo, layout everything in the perfect place and create appealing real estate video templates from scratch. Moreover, with our editing features and options, push our trending animated video templates even more to meet your desired visual reference.

  • Once Mojo is downloaded, sign up to the Mojo pro version to unlock our professional-looking, easy-to-use real estate animated video templates. (Our annual subscription is 39,99$ whereas our monthly subscription is 9,99$. To have a deep insight of our amazing templates, try our free three-day trial.)
  • Go through our real estate collection and pick up the animated template suiting the professional needs of your agency.
  • Add consistent pictures/videos to your selected template style. You can choose a visual from our library or use yours.
  • Enhance your animated template's visuals with our editing options. Brighten up your background color, zoom on convincing elements, or crop undesirable details.
  • With our unique text editor, customize your content box with a pleasing text and font style.
  • Use our preset filters to improve your visual look, add poll and question stickers to maintain ongoing communication.
  • Add GIFs for more originality.
  • Tag satisfied customers on your video templates.
  • Insert Hashtags and your real estate agency location's link.
  • Insert suitable soundtrack on your animated video templates.
  • You can either save your edited video template on your phone or upload it to your website directly.

Let's say you need to create a template to sell a land property. Use any template style in our real estate collection. Use a bright blue sky color on the upper part of your template, then on the lower part, use a bright green color. This kind of color combination will make your followers think of "Little House on the prairie". Click on the + button to access our GIFs collection. Add flowery GIFs illustrations on both edges of the template. Add a GIFs sale sign in the middle and adjust the dimension.

With Mojo, crafting a professional and eye-catching animated video template is a child's play. Post your edited videos to influence your social media community, driving more sales.

The secret behind catchy real estate animated video templates

To create eye-popping real estate videos, close attention must be paid to the following visual elements :

Maintain your real estate agency brand consistency

Add a consistent logo on your video templates to distinguish your posted videos from your competitors. Make sure that your logo design is coherent with your agency's image, in terms of logo text style and color. Being your visual reference on social media, make sure your logo reflects the essence of your agency and that of your targeted audience's persona. Take our ready-to-use logos or pick up one and edit it to meet your desired visual reference.

Furthermore, good real estate videos do not have long text. Instead, they keep it clear and straightforward. Use our text editor to choose the right text style and font color.

Customize your background color by using contrasting hue to make your property visual pop out.

Add consistent music like "Feel so good music" or a happy upbeat tune.

Craft your video templates in such a way to etch your agency in your follower's mind but stay stick to your business aesthetic.

estate agency's logo
property's location
Key information
business aesthetic
Exemple of story templates

What do you say on real estate social animated templates?

Your real estate social animated templates should have these elements :

  • Your real estate agency's logo.
  • The price and surface area of the property.
  • The property's location.
  • Key information like number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Your email and contact number.