Social Animated Templates for fashion stores and designers

Are you looking for pretty cool ideas to highlight your fashion items on your social media platforms, be it Instagram, Youtube or Facebook ? Looking for an innovative digital marketing approach to create brand awareness with the aim to reach overwhelming fashion sales ? Are you a designer aspiring to hit big with an impressive brand shout out on Instagram ? Indeed, we cannot ignore the role of social media websites, especially Instagram and Youtube in contributing to the expansion of business activities and sales.

More fashion brands are making a killing out of all social media platforms, especially on Instagram through engaging animated Stories video templates. Still hesitating to make the most of social media's potential ? Crafting the perfect social animated video template sounds like a challenging task ? No need to stress yourself out ! Your secret weapon to edit aesthetically pleasing social animated video templates is Mojo app. With our easy-to-use graphic design tool kit, no need to spend a lot of money nor boundless hours in laying out eye-catching animated video templates for your fashion's items.

Our content-making app is free to download ! Let's do it to start our artistic journey. We offer a complete set of social animated video templates with outstanding editing options and features for you to leave a long-lasting effect on your social audience. Our animated video templates are not only trendy and modern, but they are also professional-looking. All our designs can be fully edited to meet your desired visual reference in only a few clicks. Dive in our free version to access hundreds of amazing animated templates or feel free to join the Mojo Pro family to enjoy more advanced and incredible templates.

Reasons of using social media to post your fashion animated video templates

Since past years, we have observed the boom of social media websites, especially Instagram, imposing itself as a leading social media platform with more than 400 millions active users across the seven continents. Most of the posted video contents are fashion ones. Take advantage of this upward social trend to push your fashion sales to the highest heights. With Mojo, your fashion animated video templates will outperform those of your competitors.

Instagram Stories offer a window of opportunity to display your fashion items stunningly and at the same time, drive more web traffic to your social media websites. Your audience's circle growth means more potential buyers, resulting in more sales.

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How to edit your fashion animated video template for your social media websites with Mojo

With Mojo, go beyond limited boundaries as we provide a large scale of imaginative and designing possibilities powered by unique animated illustrations. Since Instagram Stories templates are automatically deleted after 24 hours, let your creative juices flow and edit fascinating video templates to retain your social follower's interest.

You have the possibility to add pictures and videos to any animated template.

  • Open our amazing editing app. Your creative adventure with Mojo will depend on the version you are using. The free one offers a wide range of fashionable social animated templates. However, for more groundbreaking templates, sign up to Mojo Pro.
  • Dive into our "Fashion social animated templates" collection.
  • Pick one animated fashion template from the various styles at your fingertips to get started. For instance, select a Mirror template style or a dynamic animated slideshow template.
  • Double-click on the selected template style. Pick up a fashion image/videos from our unique gallery or upload your own visual designs.
  • Convert your fashion template into an appealing one by customizing it. Adjust your social animated template's size, zoom on charming elements, or crop undesirable ones.
  • Have good fun with our different text and font styles and choose the right text color.
  • Play with our bunch of filters to throw rocking effects.
  • Insert Hashtags on your Instagram social animated video templates.
  • Add attention-grabbing polls and entertaining cartoon stickers and GIFs.
  • Insert a good musical tempo on your animated video template, either from Mojo's preset musical list or upload your own tune.
  • If you have more than 10K followers on your Instagram platform, add a new page as well as your shop's location links.
  • With Mojo, you can upload and share directly your customized animated video templates to all social media networks.

With our engaging and amazing social animated video templates, your fashion business will be at the forefront of success.

Select top-quality social animated fashion video templates for Instagram Stories and other social media networks

While diving into our social animated fashion video templates, you will discover different modern styles.

Some animated fashion video templates have fast-moving patterns which can be used to create an impressive and catchy intro content. As we know, a good intro template creates social engagement and holds your viewers' attention till the video ends.

In addition, the animated slideshow video templates are ideal for a quick presentation of a newly launched clothes collection or to raise awareness about current sales.

Furthermore, some of our animated fashion video templates have been creatively designed to have appealing geometrical shapes as well as vivid colors to be in the trend of modern times. For example, our Mirror templates layout throws captivating symmetrical and repeated movement patterns.

Our different animated fashion templates are dynamic and versatile. Along with their fast-past vibe, you will please your targeted audience's eyes.

Let your social animated fashion video templates go viral with Mojo.

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How can you promote your fashion store with social animated templates?

In addition to your fashion template's style, other features of your content need a close attention to promote your fashion store visibility. These are :

  • Make sure to design a consistent logo with a harmonious text and font style. We have a unique collection of ready-to-use logo designs. Pick one or edit one to meet your audience's and business brand's persona.
  • Customize your background color to make your fashion items pop out.
  • Add a matching soundtrack to set your social audience in a good ambiance.

Which social animated templates are the best for fashion designer?

We have exceptionally designed a Fashion templates collection for you. Yet, you can use our Shop templates, our Storytelling templates or other ones.