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Mojo is the brainchild of a team based in France who has made it their mission to give you the best content editor there is straight on your phone. Whether it's for your amazing pictures or your videos, Mojo helps you produce the best social media content possible so your followers can enjoy. There is a lot of content out there and it's important to differentiate your content from the rest which is why Mojo makes animate social media posts its focus. It provides numerous options, templates, GIFs and more to make your content shine above the rest.

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What are animated social media posts?

Animated social media posts enhances a still image with movement, vibrant animated GIFs and texts in a multitude of eye catching fonts and colors. Get the edge on the competition by creating content that immediately attracts the attention of the viewer. Choose from a swathe of templates for every category, make that food pop, highlight your sports and fitness content or maybe you have some good news to share. Animated social media posts gives you the edge.

How do you animate content on social media?

Some apps like Instagram have simple functions that allow you to access some animations. Mojo encourages the you to go all out with a broad range of animation functions that allows the user full control over the customisation of their content. From text, GIFs, stickers and more Mojo assists you in adding a layer of professionalism to your content that makes it stand out from the crowd. Simply download Mojo for free and get started.

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Why should I animate social media content?

Social media contains an enormous amount of content and only the cream of the crop rise to the top. This makes is very important to differentiate yourself from the crowd and design your own style for your content. The more options you have, the higher the degree of customisation and the possibility of finding the right formula to keep your audience engaged.

Different types of content are better suited for different platforms but all of them can be made better by animations and the addition of text. Instagram is the place to be for still images and the platform has become a meeting place for food content from all over the world. Instagram posts that promote beautifully plated food are a staple and with social animated content you can add even more flair to a professional picture. Although instagram provides a basic suit of filters, on Mojo you will find a template for every occasion and custom animations that elevate you content to greater heights.

When it comes to video Youtube is the market leader when it comes to long form content. However, Youtube have also embraced a new format with the integration of their "Shorts". This video format is fast and furious and Youtube is an excellent showcase for all things like fitness, food and pets. In the past, to make the most of your content on this platform you would have had to use Premiere Pro or a similar software to edit and animate your content. Now with Mojo this can be done from your phone with a few swipes and touches. You can curate your templates to different forms or formats of your content and add animations, gifs and text at will. The same applies if you are a TikTok enthusiast! You can edit all your content from Mojo and share directly to your favorite social media platform.