Discover Mojo's Social Animated Templates for Foodies

Whether your aim is to share your food pictures when you go to a restaurant or you are a chef and you want to show videos of the food you cooked? Or are you an influencer? You might be willing to have a look at the 'Food' Category on Mojo, which provides a variety of social animated Templates.

Mojo is an app specialised in aesthetic animated templates, it has designed templates to facilitate its users to post uncommon templates in style and trending. The App, however, allows you to customise your own template or simply make some changes to adapt it to your preferences. Also, you do not need to create an account to be able to use the app, however, there is a paid subscription. But you can still use the free templates and editing options.

You can choose a different layout and build your template from scratch or just take a template from the category and make little changes. You have the ‘Brush’ and the ‘Plus’ button, having all your editing tools available.

However, there are various layers of animation available on the app:

  • Animated text, GIFS, stickers and logo
  • Template animation with pictures or with videos

How do you make animated social media posts?

Mojo’s animated templates are designed by professionals to provide an eerie experience to its users. There is no chance that someone does not find a template of their choice and you do not need to be a professional or use expensive software like Photoshop to edit your picture or video. The template designs are pre-filled with props, texts, background type, colours, and timings. However, you can still customise it by adding your own video or picture, matching it to your brand design and convey your targeted message to your audience which you could reuse later for future posts. Mojo’s ready-made animated templates will save you time in your marketing and allow you to concentrate on your processes instead.

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What social media do foodies use?

Foodies use various social media platforms such as Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, Facebook stories, TikTok videos and YouTube. However, Instagram is actually the most used platform. This is so because it has billions of users that consume this kind of content and daily lots of pictures and videos are shared. TikTok is also considered the latest trend with its option of making one to three minutes videos. It is an excellent opportunity to make videos through its various editing tools available and to go viral.

Find below, how Mojo works and how you could customise it to your tastes and preferences.

Foodies Social Animated Template #1

Ideal for influencers, traveling foodies and restaurants, find on the app various social animated templates where you add various pictures of food taken instead of posting one by one. Find below some examples:

  • Nowadays, traveling foodie is the newest trend and lifestyle. Since you will be posting everyday of your various traveling experiences and restaurant reviews, you will need templates for your pictures. Mojo provides you designs that are aesthetic and breath-taking. You just need to follow the steps, add your pictures in your selected animated picture template and it is ready to post.
  • The picture animated templates can also be used by restaurants and content creators because they need to stay up to date with their daily posts. so instead of promoting food they ate, they will be promoting food that they sell.

In the digital era, to gain more audience, you have to be different. People who post various pictures at the same time may have the risk of having someone leaving the story half way. So to be out of the league, it is crucial to stand out. However, it can be very tiring to look for inspiration on a daily basis. Thus, Mojo App allows you to customise aesthetic templates to meet your in-brand criteria by customising the background, changing the colour, fonts, and texts layouts.

Foodies Social Animated Template #2

Ideal for reviews and marketing of restaurants is the animated template of the restaurant's menu. You just have to take one and two decent pictures of the food on your menu list; change the animated text, change the colors and fonts if needed. You can make as many changes as you want.

Mojo’s ‘signature food’ animated template is also trending. You just have to take a striking picture of your signature food which you will add as the main photo and choose a background picture. The blurred background picture can also be a related picture of your signature food or simply add a background type and change the colour.

Foodies Social
Mojo App
credibility of the restaurant
Eye button
Exemple of story templates

Foodies Social Animated Template #3

In the foodie category, Mojo also has a template about ‘restaurant opening hours’. Do not hesitate to take a picture of your staff and get them involved. This strategy increases the credibility of the restaurant. You just need to add your opening hours and the address. The choice of the text size and timings depends on you.

Foodies Social Animated Template #4

If you are a food lover or a chef and you like to share your knowledge with your audiences, this must be just right for you. Mojo App allows you to have different types of animated templates as below:

Firstly, there is a template where you add the picture of your food and add the list of your ingredients. The template is already ready-made, you just need to add the wordings. Your audience has the option to swipe up to see the full cooking process. This is a way to intrigue your viewers to go directly to your page.

Secondly, you can make pictures of your food preparation and add it to the template to show ‘step by step’ the cooking process or keeping it simple by posting a ‘how to’ template. This is about putting a picture and a title. For example, how to make eggless pancakes. Or to make it more personal, you can make a video of your ‘recipe of the day’. Your audience just has to tap to watch the full video.

Mojo allows you to share your recipes in a professional manner to encourage more engagement and increase your views. Choose a creative template and without losing time just craft your best in brand template.

Once done you can preview your template by clicking on the ‘Eye button’. This is where you check whether the animation is in sync with the whole and once everything is done you can share your video directly to your desired social media platform.