Discover Mojo's Social Animated Templates for Easter day

With the pandemic around, celebrating Easter has changed to a more limited, and intimate family gathering. Normally, it is considered as a major celebration, and is widely celebrated through Easter greeting cards, egg hunt, or a party. However, though we cannot meet our close ones as before, we can still celebrate with our people through social media platforms which allows us to maintain that family bond. It is certainly not the same human touch, but technology has the capacity to bring people together despite the distance.

The origin of Easter celebration, called the PALMS Sunday symbolizes the Arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. Though we have the religious way of celebrating Easter, we also have the non-religious ways of celebrating through coloring, and decorating eggs which symbolizes life, and fertility, egg hunt, or egg rolling.

How can you create unique social animated templates for Easter Day?

Are you looking for amazing social animated videos for Easter? Mojo provides you with templates which have been designed, and built with care, and executed with special consideration of details to make your online posts get the attention that it deserves, and also create memories.

Creating your perfect Easter animated video should go beyond just sharing a post wishing your audience a ‘Happy Easter’. If you are a business owner, you have to be creative in the way you will be marketing your special Easter menu card, or Easter sales to get more likes, shares, and comments. Choose from the collection of creative design templates, bright colors, and stickers. You can find easily on Mojo various customisable templates videos available to edit with style. No need to waste time in planning for various days, you just need a couple of minutes to search for your desired templates, and to start customizing. Mojo has an easy-to-use interface to edit your video.

Also, you can opt for animated templates designs with quotes to wish your audiences a blessed celebration, or simply embellish an Easter photo with some movements to bring an extraordinary effect with some cute music available in the gallery, or choose your own music. All you have to do is to choose your template video, and add your selected picture from your gallery, and add some animated enhancements such as animated texts, animated GIFs, and stickers, customisable fonts, colors, and backgrounds. This will surely capture the attention of your viewer, and bring them to the celebration mood.

Mojo allows you to play with its available palette of colors. You can choose pastel, or yellow shades from its collection to bring a more colorful, and festive mood.

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Where can you post social animated templates for Easter Day?

Since major celebrations will be done online, it is best to post massively through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and why not Tweeter. It is worth noting that Facebook is ranked first as having the most users worldwide with over 2.91 Billion users. Just behind, you have Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter. If you are a business owner, you would most probably have to share on all the platforms to gain more audience to get to know the product, and services provided.

Previously, on Facebook you would post your templates on your feed, or post on your story, but with the coming of Facebook ads, you can make a 30 seconds video to share your content, and you can have a follow up of people who saw your ads, and the type of audience. The same goes for Instagram Reels, and Stories. With its timeframe of 24 hours, it is easy to reach a large audience. You have the option of adding Polls to get audience engagement. TikTok, on the other hand, has a great audience for content with its 30 seconds to 5 minutes’ videos. You can also email your video to your close ones.

Create social animated templates with Mojo

Mojo is one of the most used apps, specialized in creating studio quality animated videos. You will be greeted with a panoply of templates, layouts, and editing options to make your head spinning. They are prefilled with various props, and motions to help you save time in customizing your social animated templates.

You can still use the templates videos as they are, or add a little of customisation of your own to enhance the message of your band, or make the template from scratch to add some authenticity. In this way, you can make your own brand templates with your company logo, and create it to your company’s image, colors, and other features.

It is impossible not to be inspired when creating your Easter posts. Mojo, however, has a paid subscription, but you can still make animated templates with the free version, and you do not need an account to start using the app for free.

Also, once you have created your template you can share them directly from the app, thus having all your templates stored on the app for future use. You just need to choose the social media platform you want to share, and you will be directed to the platform directly through the app. Creating, customizing, and sharing templates have never been so easy. You can also visualize from the app how your video will be viewed to your audience before posting.

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Personalize your social animated templates with MOJO

Find below some tips to personalize your templates:

With its vast choices of professionally designed templates, you can edit your aesthetic templates to the mood you are looking for. The customization is done at the tips of your fingers. You can sub out the fonts, texts, captions, and change the graphics as much as you want. Add extra flair, by adding animated GIFS, and animated texts. You can also add an extra page to add links to your other social media accounts. The App already takes care of designing the short form graphic video, you just need to edit your texts, and if needed your logo. To be noted that you can change the layouts at any time. Add the music of your choice, change your background, and your timing if needed to bring that wow effect. Once you are done, you can always revisit your work, and update it if needed.