Create Social Animated Templates for your personnal life with Mojo

Social media platforms, be it Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok are incontestably integral parts of our lives. We watch videos for entertaining ourselves, to learn new ways of doing something, and the business industry constantly creates appealing and animated video content ads to influence consumers' purchasing behaviours. Whatever the video styles, ASMR videos, storytimes videos, show or challenges videos, all have them have these following points in common : they narrate a story, they try to create social engagement by evoking emotions and their aim is to enlarge their social community circle.

Indeed, with the boom of social media platforms, more and more business brands and people are taking advantages of these growing trends to boost their visibility by building up a social marketing network. Are you dreaming to be part of this social media vibrant culture ? Are you already a member of this animated social life but till now, you are not reaching your goals ? Are you trying hard to create funny animated home-made videos only for entainement purposes ? Are you trying to build a name as a social medial influencer by creating ang posting video contents of your personal life ?

It is not an easy task to make yourself stand out of the crown considering the million of videos being uploaded and shared daily. You make to make a difference ? You want your animated videos to start and to end in a style ? Download Mojo graphic design tool kit to create freaking animated videos, taking your social websites to another level.

Mojo app is free to download and is the best editing tool ever to highlight your personal life videos. We provides an array of modern, stylish and professional-looking ready-to-use templates. Moreover, all of them are fully customizing and with our exceptional designing features and options, take your video templates to extra miles. Don't worry! Mojo is user-friendly and you will be able to craft awesome video templates contents in only few clicks. Enjoy social animated video templates with our free version or sign up with Mojo pro to unlock more amazing templates.

Steps to create killer animated template with Mojo

Mojo’s easy-to-use templates are not only professiona-looking but also audience-oriented. Reveal the artist in our and create aesthetic video content to retain followers’ retention.

  • Make sure you download Mojo editing tool to have access to hundreds of stunningly pre-designed templates with the free version. You wish to access more features and more advanced templates, join the Mojo Pro community. You can even tru our three-day trial to witness the uniqueness of our collection.
  • Our templates have been categories according to their themes. Pick up the animated template style matching your Personal Life videos and that will enhance your social visility.
  • Double tap on the select template style. You will be thrown on our exceptional image library.
  • Choose the image consistent with your video style or you can also upload you own visual for a more personal touch by clicking on the "Plus button".
  • Let your imagination gets wild with our unique editing features. Use our palette color or color chart wheel for more originality. Add GIFs and funny animated cartoon stickers. Adjust your template's size, crop or zoom on catchy elements. Have fun with our text and font styles. Add content box for more engagement.
  • Use our unique filters to add a thrilling effect on your animated video templates.
  • Think about Hashtags to grabe more attention.
  • Add a consistent musical vibe, either form our free preselected music list or upload your own tune.
  • With Mojo app, upload your social animated video templates directly to all your social media networks.
  • With Mojo, upload you videos directly to your online platforms.
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How do you make animated video content?

Create mind-blowing animated social video template for Personal Life videos by using our editing features and options. Let your social videos go viral. There are elements to take into consideration while crafting your social animated video templates :

  • Create an engaging intro video template
  • Create an impactful brand logo template
  • Wisely choose your background color
  • Add a good soundtrack on your video template
  • Remember to create a mesmerizinf outro video template

Create an attention-grabbing social animated intro video template

The first 5-10 second of your social video content is a determining factor and can tilt the balance in your favour. Since your are sharing most spheres of your personal life, you should add more value to your video contents.

Create and add a unique logo on your intro video template. Your logo is your social signature and it allors your loyal subscribers to identify your videos. Mojo has a collection of ready-to use logos, pick one of them or pick one and edit it. Use our unline logo templates, our blinking or sliding one for a more personal touch.

Use the right font color to make your logo pops out.

Select a matching background color that will enhance your social networks visuals. Lets say your logo is in bold with a white color, then you can your a dark blue cover color for a more contrasting visual.

Add a suitable music on yur intro video template. Lets say you are creating a video on your Christmas family dinner. Then, use Christmas soundtrack to set yur social audience in the right festive mood.

Remember, this part is crucial beacuse the aim behind a video is not only to capture viewers' attention, but to retain them till the end.

networks visuals
Christmas family
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Exemple of story templates

Creatively customize your video content templates

For instance, you are going for a hike in a forest and you wish to share this personal adventure with your social community. Take advantage of our preset filters to add a little animation on your video templates. We have 2D and 3D funny animated cartoon stickers and characters as well as GIFs. Add a dancing frog, add misting clouds, amplify the forest color with a fluorescent green, add a thrilling tune to set your audience in an adventurous mood.

Create and personalize your outro video template

You wish to draw more traffic your your networks. Create unforgettable outro template. Use assorted colors for both your background and text styles, add funny animated caption box on your outros and add links to encourage watchers to consume your videos. Think of adding a good sound on your template.

What is the effect of animation in social media?

Animation in social media videos is a powerful weapon. Indeed, they captivate and hold the watchers, thus increasing watching time and encourage people to share your videos.