Celebrate Pride Month with beautiful Social Animated Templates

The pride month is celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the Stonewall riots which was held in 1969 in the US. This month was chosen as it was considered as the tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in solidifying the rights of Gay people around the world, gaining acceptance in various spheres of life such as education, workplace, and in the community. This movement has changed the life of students in schools, working people, and the society at large.

This commemorative month is all about self-acceptance, accepting others, and recognising worldwide how homophobia has been damaging to people on a daily basis.

How is pride month celebrated?

Celebrated with great pomp, through rallies, parades, parties, and many other events, it is feted throughout the whole month in many creative ways, be it, in the community or on social media. More than a movement, it is considered as a festival by many, celebrating the rainbow colour with pride, and respect. It is a month full of colours, sparkle, and glitter. However, with Covid pandemic the way we used to celebrate has changed drastically, and celebration is confined at home, and celebration is mostly done online.

Covid pandemic

How can you celebrate Pride Month with social animated templates?

Pride month is celebrated in style, and this year differentiate yourself with social animated templates. Social animated templates are computer generated, they are designed to attract the attention of your viewers, thus having your content appreciated, and increasing engagement. Having the advantage of leveling up your content, social animated templates are all about enhancing your picture with lively animated structures such as animated layouts, GIFS, texts, backgrounds married with beautiful colours, fonts, and styles.

Social animated templates are also very much in trend on social platforms such as Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, Facebook stories, Facebook Ads, and YouTube’s shorts, with the aim to create more catchy video experiences. Though these social platforms do provide for various editing possibilities, if you want to steal the show, Mojo is the place to dig. It is such an easy process that can be done by anyone without any special qualifications or innate talents, just grab our phone, and start editing.

Social animated template video is also a means you can personalise your posts to your image, and let you to spread your wings to show to the world your support to the community of LGBTQ. A full recipe of options are available to make your audience have an appetite for your video content.

What are the best social animated templates to celebrate Pride Month?

For the celebration you will need various templates throughout the month. Make each day meaningful by sharing different types of templates. Find below some ways you could personalise your social media templates for the Pride Month:

Pride Flag social media templates

The Pride Flag is the gist of the celebration. It symbolises the diversity of LGBTQ+ community, and the fight for the equal rights of each, and everybody. It is flown at pride throughout the month of June during all events to show support, and human respects. If you are a supporter of human rights, this is an excellent option to show your support to the community by adding the Pride Flag. Again, using the Pride Flag in your template in the front or as background is a bold way to express your support, and it is a message hard not to be noticed.

Remember that through the mojo app, all elements are customisable so it gives you the chance to add any details of your choice, kick off with bright, and vibrant colours to your choice, and packed with a beautiful eye-catching moving caption, and background. Just have the fun with your creation, and let your creativity prevail.

Celebrate love social media template

Pride month is all about celebrating love. Why not use the word ‘Love’ in your template video to show your affection, support, and respect towards the LGBTQ community. Love is a powerful word to show your respect, and closeness to the cause. Feel free to use the image of love, and bright colours as background. Creatively share your template to your audience.

Business support social animated template

A business to be fruitful, it has to respect everyone. During pride month, it is crucial to consider posting your support to the LGBTQ community. However, it is not about respecting only that month, your brand responsibility is to adapt itself to everyone, and showing responsibility rather than a moment of celebration. In this way, your business shows a positive image to its customers. Seize the occasion to make Facebook Ads for your products, and services to show your business is a safe place. An excellent way to do so, will be to add a vibrant background, and place your video or picture.

Mojo app provides you with various video templates for the sale of the product, just choose the one you need, and make adjustments with the tips of your fingers, and add your logo.

Celebrating the Pride
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Celebrating the Pride month with Mojo app

Mojo app provides various templates for a panoply of themes. It keeps on updating itself to ensure that each user finds the templates that correspond to their tastes, and preferences. The templates are designed by professionals to create engagement, and enhance your social presence amongst your audiences. It is also a user friendly interface, the ease of use will help you to focus on your business, and work.

It is also fully customisable, you can add content of your own. You just have to set the tone by choosing the perfect tone, animated GIFS, animated caption, animated texts, colours, and background. The App already takes the responsibility of all the technicalities, you just have to add your texts, and images or videos. You can add an extra flair, by adding multi-color stickers or icons.

To finish, just review your template using the ‘Eye’ button, the app allows you to visualise your content before posting. You can save the template to the app itself for future use or adjustments. It is noteworthy that you can share your content directly from the app itself to the various most used social media platforms such as Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram stories, and Reels, Tweeter, and TikTok.