Celebrate New Year's Eve with Mojo's Social Animated Templates

Tic tac tic tac, the holiday season is already here. A period of pure bliss and of love shared with family and friends. Christmas and New Year's Eve are excellent opportunities to thank not only all your colleagues and your collaborators for their contribution to the business activities, but also your customers and followers for their loyalty and engagement for the year-round. Some businesses prefer to send their happy holiday wishes through traditional means like Christmas and New Year cards. Yet, this option has a significant cost in a budget. Social media platforms, be it Facebook or Instagram, are cost-effective marketing tools to send your warm wishes and to show your gratitude to a considerable audience. Moreover, Christmas and New Year are also known to be the sales season of the year when most shop owners get high returns on promotions.

Whether you want to send your best Christmas and New Year's Eve wishes to your social community, raise awareness on end of year sales or share happy holiday moments with your audience, do not miss out this opportunity to leave a lasting effect on social networks!

Asking yourself how to create mesmerizing Christmas and New Year's Eve party videos? Celebrate this holiday season with Mojo's animated templates. Our graphic editing tool is the best app ever to create incredible video templates in only a few clicks. We provide a unique collection of 400 animated and customizable templates, including festive designs. With our free version, you will have in hand exceptional editing features to make your video templates amazing. Yet, if you wish to access more killer templates, sign up to Mojo pro.

Create a stunning Christmas and New Year's Eve party video post with Mojo

Mojo ready-to-use templates are both professional-looking and stylish.

  • Mojo editing tool kit is free to download. Access hundreds of beautifully-crafted templates with the free version, yet if you want more advanced templates, feel free to be part of the Mojo Pro community. Try our three-day trial to experience the uniqueness of our Christmas collection.
  • Among our categorized templates, select one that catches your eyes and that will match your audience's Christmas spirit.
  • Mojo has an immense image/video gallery. Pick up a preferred template style and click on it. Our app gives you the possibility of choosing one of our HD visuals by clicking on "Photos Stock" or to upload your own Christmas and New Year's Eve images/videos.
  • Let your templates go extra miles with our editing features. Add sparkling effects or blurred your background with our set of awesome filters, zoom on appealing details, crop unwanted ones, modify your template's format, choose a unique background color, use our text and font styles to make your wordings more attractive, insert GIFs and animated cartoon stickers to create a Christmas atmosphere.
  • Customize your holiday and animated template with sweet Christmas songs.
  • Preview your customized animated video template before uploading it to your social websites, be it Facebook or Instagram.
Happy Christmas

Instagram video templates for a Happy Christmas party

Our beautifully crafted Christmas templates are number-one, and they rightly convey the joyful spirit of Christmas. In this category, several template styles have been pre-designed, all in a unique way. For example, we have Christmas templates with a sliding visual outlined by a bold frame. The color of the frame is fully customizable in order for you to choose the color consistent with your branded activities and one which will pop out your visual illustration. Another feature of this template is the sparkling big dots on it.

Mojo has other Christmas template styles, allowing you to insert two or more pictures of the present year or collected from past years. Create an amazing Christmas album evoking vivid memories.

In addition, if you want your Christmas and New Year's Eve video templates to be glossy with a glamorous touch, select a template from our Golden templates collection. They are perfect if you want your Instagram or Facebook Stories to have a sleek finish and to throw a sophisticated visual.

Instagram video templates for New Year's Eve party

You wish to bring your New Year's Eve party to life on your social platform ? Then, choose our captivating Musical and Audio templates. This collection is simply amazing, and your video templates will be more attention-grabbing than ever. You want your New Year's Eve party to throw a vintage but chic effect, then pick up our black and white template.

You wish to have a musical template with a distorted and sparkling effect, then use our Glitch templates.

As a shop owner, you want to kill two birds with a stone ? Sending your best wishes to your followers but at the same time putting on sales. You want a particular item to be highlighted, then let your product shine with our Photography templates.

You wish your Instagram Stories posts to have a hypnotizing effect, then our Mirror template is what you need to create an impressive visual.

Animated video templates for Christmas and New Year's Eve menu

Christmas family gatherings and New Year's Eve are golden occasions to enjoy delicious and fine menus. Are you a chef or a food vlogger aspiring to highlight your mouth watering creation for these special occasions? Our Food templates are perfect and will boost your menu's visual.

New Year's Eve
Personalize your Christmas's
Mojo's editing
personal touch
Exemple of story templates

How can you create unique social animated templates for New Year's Eve?

You want an impactful Christmas or New Year's Eve video template? Then, take advantage of our pre-set filters and editing features to create a mind-blowing visual on your Instagram or Facebook.

Personalize your Christmas's template background color. You can use dark blue color reminding the frozen winter nights or classical colors like red, green or a golden yellow.

Add sparkling stars to create the enchanting holiday spirit. Use our text and font styles to edit your wish text.

In our GIFs' collection, you will have blinking ringing bells, sparkling Christmas trees, dancing Santa and many more. Add them to your templates to take your video to the next level.

With Mojo's editing feature, you will be a great masterpiece maker.

Which animated templates are the best for New Year's Eve?

We have especially designed a collection of Christmas templates for you. But you can also choose our Golden templates or many more for a personal touch.