Story editor - features

With mojo, you can edit everything to your liking right in the app.

Key Points:

  • Create stunning social stories
  • Choose from hundreds of animated templates.
  • Make your stories look great on Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat.
  • Add photos and videos to any template.
  • Share directly from the app to any platform, or save a video.

Stay tuned for even more gorgeous templates in 2020.

Story editing features

There are multiple steps you need to follow:


mojo features more than 200 templates and new ones are added every month. Choose the one you like from among the different styles whether that's from Glitch-inspired compositions to Super 8 retro film effects.

Text Styles

Mojo features more than a hundred text styles that you can add to your stories. All the text styles have gorgeous animations that were made by professional designers. You can edit anything you’d like: fonts, colors, alignment, timings, etc.


mojo provides 100 soundtracks that adapt to the duration of your story, and are licensed for commercial use. They range across different styles and can be easily previewed as you edit your story.


You can add your own media such as photos and videos or choose one from the stock photos mojo provides.


You can add as many stickers as you want to your story, in order to make it more personal and engaging. mojo features tons of custom-made stickers that are beautifully animated to make your stories even more gorgeous.


You can add multiple pages to your stories so you can compose all your daily stories at once. You can edit the timings for each one and create rich content using different templates. To make it even more seamless, you can add a soundtrack for the entire sequence.

You can also save those pages as a single video edit that you can share on more traditional platforms.

This way, you can create stories and at the same time, create a compelling edit that will shine as a regular post or on Instagram TV.

Edit Your Stories as You Like

With mojo, you can edit everything in your stories. You want to change the colors, typos or even add some music?

Everything is editable. For pro users, more features are available, like the format change. Do you want to edit your stories in multiple formats?

You can change for a square video or a 16:9 to share it on video platforms.

  • To make your stories remarkable, you can edit the time of each item you add to your stories like texts or stickers.
  • mojo is simple to use with all the features you need to make your stories perfect for fun or marketing purposes.