Cut Design Time in Half With Instagram Story Templates

Whether you are an individual, or brand looking to create beautiful Instagram stories, Mojo app can help you cut your design time in half! Simply download Mojo here for iOS users and here for Android users. It is entirely fuss-free with no sign up required!
Open the app, pick a template that appeals to you, and easily make custom edits from there.
Whether you are showcasing your recent travels to Italy to your friends or a business trying to spotlight a new product launch, you can easily customize these ready-made templates to achieve the look that you want!
Once completed – simply click “Save” to save to phone or start sharing directly to Instagram!

Getting Started with Instagram Story Templates

Like the idea of creating a seamless and beautiful aesthetic for your Instagram Stories but hate the idea of spending hours labouring over Photoshop or Adobe premiere?
Well, the free Mojo Insta-editor is the best option for complete graphic design newbies – thanks to pre-designed professional templates that are completely customizable! Yes, from colours to photos and even background animation options – all those are completely editable to your liking!

Create incredible stories with Instagram Story Templates

With Instagram Story Templates, each post you will publish on the social media will become viral! Here is a breakdown of how you can cut your design time in half with the free Mojo app:

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Use Pre-Designed Instagram Story Templates That Are Completely Customizable

The only effort you will need to put in when designing Instagram Stories on the Mojo App is to pick a template and tweak it!
Instead of coming up with a design from scratch, pick an editable template that fits your needs, and make the following changes:
Add photos or videos to your template (your own or there is a library of royalty-free content you can choose from too)
Add fonts (if you want to add some text, there is a variety of fonts you can choose from)
Include music (choose from the soundtracks provided)
Change background colours
Include animations
Want to save more time? Save your favourite settings (like colours, logos, or fonts) and you can apply them as a preset the following time! Your next Instagram posts will be incredible !

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Pro Tips and Specs for Instagram Story Template

Here are some tips that can help you when using the Mojo App for your Insta Stories designs:
Use a Few Consistent Templates: For businesses, it can be tempting to change up the template with every new piece of content given the wide variety the app offers – but don’t. Staying consistent can help your audience become familiar with the look and feel of your brand.
Be consistent with Branding: On a similar note to the point above, like any other marketing content, it is important to keep to consistency in branding – from brand colours, to fonts and even copy. To make it easy to incorporate these elements, simply save them as part of your design preferences to make them easily accessible every time you create content on the app.
Incorporate Animations: Want to catch the eye of your audience? Animated visuals tend to perform better than static ones. So, make full use of the range of animation options that the app has to offer to customize your Insta Story!

An Instagram story: what is it exactly?

An Instagram story is content available for 24 hours only on social media. An Instagram story can take different forms of content. Indeed, the Instagram story can be a photo, a video or even a short film. Originally, Instagram Stories were created to share spontaneous moments. But today, they are used by businesses and influencers, in order to promote their activity on the Internet.

Instagram Stories allow you to improve your visibility on the Internet, and more particularly on social media. In addition, the story is a simple solution to quickly create high-quality content. With our Instagram Story Templates tool, the creation process of your story will be even faster and easier! By using Instagram Story Templates, preserve a certain unity and cohesion between all your content posted on Instagram. Indeed, you can save a template that you will apply to all your stories. This homogeneity is essential: it helps your customers and prospects to understand your values. They will remember you and your image!

Why should you choose our free Instagram Story Templates ?

With Instagram Story Templates, a free tool easy to use, everyone can become an influencer. In fact, you can create beautiful and professional stories quickly and effectively. Instagram Stories are essential to animate your community and communicate with the people that follow you on this social media. Whether you are an influencer or a business, Instagram Stories allow you to talk about your brand. Tell the world about your values, your objectives, but also your products or your services. Instagram Stories are also great for storytelling. In short, with Instagram Story Templates, you have the ability to create a universe around yourself or your business. Become one of the next Instagram stars right now!

Instagram Story Templates Help You Get Creative

You have to be creative to edit a high-quality story. In addition, this content must catch the eye of Internet users. Do not hesitate to use all the tools available, such as surveys, GIFs, emojis, but also Instagram Story Templates! With a template, you have the possibility to give a message in a clear and understandable way to all your followers. Our tool allows you to create various types of stories. For example, you can edit "a behind-the-scenes story" that shows your creation process, or share an event that you organized. Use surveys, ask questions to your community, in order to get their opinions on your products or services.

With Instagram Story, Your Brand Becomes More Authentic

The stories must definitely integrate your brand strategy. That's right, this type of content allows you to set up a more authentic and less aseptic communication. With a good Instagram story, you can highlight your employees, but also your manufacturing methods. As a result, you ensure more transparency to your customers. Content created with Instagram Story Templates help you to get closer to your followers. They feel closer to you and give you their trust. With templates for Instagram, make every story a high-quality content!

Mojo App: Creating Compelling InstaStories Easily for Your Business Awareness

No design talent? Not to fear. Mojo app is your all-in-one app to get you started for creating the best InstaStories for your business brand.
Simply open the app (no sign up required), choose a template that catches your eyes, and start making custom edits from there.
From adding your company logo to using your brand color palette and more, the Mojo templates are all easily editable and intuitive to use.
Once completed with the design – simply click “Save” to save to phone or share instantly to Instagram!

Getting Started

With more than 500 million daily users and pairs of eyeballs, Instagram Stories is definitely a marketing channel that businesses cannot afford to ignore today!
For new and established businesses alike, it is a great way for increasing brand awareness and improving customer engagement.
If you are not already regularly publishing Stories, you are missing out!

What is an Instagram Story?

For the absolute beginners, an Instagram Story is simply a feature on the Instagram platform that allows users to post photos and videos that disappear within 24 hours. Unlike Instagram Posts which are permanently featured on your newsfeed and hence usually more curated, an Instagram Story is more spontaneous and casual in nature and hence great for customer engagement.
Users tap on the stories to skip to the next one, hence capturing their attention is critical for brands!

The Basics

Here is how you can easily create compelling InstaStories without much effort, with the help of Mojo:

Beautifully Designed Templates
Worried about designing content from scratch? Not to worry – Mojo’s got your back with a whole suite of professionally designed templates to choose from. Want a little more action? There is also plenty of animated options to pick from as well!
Whether you are a photographer looking to showcase your work, or an established brand promoting a particular event or new line of products and more, there is a whole range of themes perfect for every occasion:
And many more

Save Your Design Preferences
To help busy business owners and content creators alike, Mojo also has a special feature to allow you to save your design preferences – from colors, fonts, logos, and default formats – so that you can easily apply them to future templates you want to work from.
Alternatively, it also saves your previous templates so you can come back and easily make tweaks for weekly, or monthly content.

Pro Tips and Specs

Totally new to Instagram Stories? Here are some useful tips that can be helpful to you:
Add Instagram stories stickers to make your content more engaging – from simple visual stickers, location stickers (to help customers identify where your store is) to poll sticker that allows you to conduct a fun interactive poll with your customer base directly
Use Instagram Stories Highlights: Have content you want to keep around for more than 24 hours? Create Highlights on your profile to store them and provide easy access to new fans to your profile.